How to Complete Application Forms

Employers often use application forms to ensure they gain the same information subjects from all applicants. An application form makes it easier for an employer to see which of the applicants most suits the recruitment criteria.

Completing Application Forms

First thing first, take a copy of the application form so you can first make a rough draft. This is to ensure all your text fits into the spaces on the application form and to ensure the application form you send is free from mistakes and errors.

Follow the instructions on the application form, often people are told to complete the application form in a black pen, if you don’t follow the instructions an employer may feel you are not suitable for the job. Write clearly, use capital letters, black ink, and check spelling and grammar.

Also send a covering letter with each application and any other requested information.

 Take time writing your answers ensure they meet the job specification and use real life stories to sell yourself. Spend time on your Personal Statement*, as this is the most important part of the application. Ensure this section of the application form is positive and list all of your achievements that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Keep a copy of the completed application form, to re-read before interviews and to use when completing other job application forms. Send your application form and covering letter off leaving plenty of time, I know this sounds obvious, but so many job searchers miss out on opportunities due to their application form arriving past the application deadline date.

*1 – Do you need to generate ideas for your Personal profile? Learn the secrets to completing application.

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