Benefits of Coaching

Benefits of Coaching

Employment King specialises in Career Coaching, Interview Coaching and Boosting Job Interview Confidence

Past clients goals include:

  • Interview Phobia Removal
  • Public Speaking
  • Job Interview Confidence
  • Mock Job Interviews
  • Interview Selling Strategies

Employment King specialise in:

  • Specialist Interview Coaching
  • Career Advice
  • Interview Strategies to Influence the Interveiwer 
  • Boosting Confidence for Presentations
  • Hypnotherapy for Interview Fears

Our coaches are trained and qualified in NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Information Advice & Guidance; these techniques help our life coaches understand your situation and needs, empowering us to help you move forward quickly into a positive future.

We offer ONLINE VIDEO sessions worldwide (all you need is a webcam) and Manchester based Face to Face sessions BOOK NOW by e-mailing

Each session last between 60-90 minutes and we offer day, evening or weekend sessions to fit in around your working commitments.

Career Coaching

Expert Careers Coaching and Advice is essential to help you maximise your career potential and to use your skills, experience and qualifications to gain a career that you will succeed in.

  • We will match job roles to your personality, values and strengths
  • You will understand the entry routes, average salary and the sector climate for your chosen career
  • At the end of the session you will walk away with a career action plan to ensure your career goals are achieved

Individual Tailored Career Advice

At Employment King the focus is on YOU! We give individual tailored careers coaching advice. Are you finding it hard to choose a new career? Are you “waying up” new career ideas but don’t know which job sector will best suit you? Do you need specialist careers advice?

  • Understand the range of careers that you would excel in
  • Match job roles to your personality, values and beliefs
  • Become passionate about your career choice
  • Realise the careers you can enter with your experiences and qualifications
  • Walk away with a detailed careers plan

As well as gaining information on careers, we at Employment King believe it is important to look at people’s values and beliefs as your values and beliefs are the principles that guide your life.

  • Do you know what job role will make you passionate?
  • Do you know what type of Career suits your Personality?

Looking for a new career?

Our personality type profile will allow you to understand your personality and how you can motivate yourself. It also helps you build self-awareness and gives examples of the type of job roles that you would excel in.

  • Do you need advice on which career you should apply for?
  • Do you need to plan your next step up the career ladder?
  • Do you need matching your strengths and skills to job roles?

Looking to develop yourself in your current company or in a new job role?

Already you may be gaining more awareness of the reasons you are missing out on job opportunities. If one of these steps is stopping you gaining employment, then Employment King can help you overcome this barrier and help you move forward towards your career goal.

  • Are you earning the wage you deserve?
  • Has your manager noticed your skills and talents?
  • Do you find your job exciting?
  • Do colleagues or competitive companies know off you?
  • Have you ever turned job offers down?
  • Have you answered “No” to any of these questions?

Video Careers Sessions £79.99

E-mail with your contact number, brief outline of your query and times when you would be available to talk. One of our career coaches will telephone you back at a time convenient to yourself for a career coaching session lasting around 60-90 minutes.

3 Video Coaching Sessions £180 SAVE Over £59.99

Meet one of our careers advisors for 3 X 90 minute careers coaching session. To book an appointment E-mail

NLP Life Coaching

If you are reading this you have already made the first steps towards self improvement. What do you want to achieve in your life?
  • Do you want to be successful?
  • More confident?
  • Do you feel stuck and unsure what to do next?
  • Do you have goals that you have not yet achieved?
  • Is something holding you back?

Life coaching journey can help make changes happen quicker than you can believe. Our sessions and questioning skills are designed to help you reflect and consider yourself from new perspectives that you have not considered before. This knowledge is the key to your success. NLP life coaching helps you understand how your mind, body and emotions work together.

Often you find that changes start during the initial enquiry phone call and more changes will happen between sessions as your unconscious mind starts to work in a new positive way. Many people can overcome their barriers through coaching sessions without even having to disclose to the practitioner what the actual barrier is.

Personal Development

  • Realise your potential and Increase your self awareness
  • Gain a good work/life balance, overcome barriers and setbacks
  • Recognise what makes you happy, learning to do more of the things you like and less of the things that make you stressed
  • Set out your goals and help you understand how you can achieve them
  • Become more motivated and experience higher levels of self esteem
  • Gain new skills and qualities; Assertiveness, listening skills etc



  • Improve your relationship with others; friends, family, colleagues and managers
  • Understand how you communicate with yourself and know yourself better
  • Learn how to gain instant rapport with others
  • Realise how your own values, attitude and beliefs, shape your life
  • Understand other people’s perspectives and how it is to see the world through another’s eyes


Fears and Confidence

  • Reduce your fears and negative self talk
  • Increase your confidence and gain new motivation
  • Access positive emotions and eliminate old set backs that still stop you from moving forward.

Online Coaching Course £59.99

Click This Link NOW for more details. The online coaching course is a 12 week course for confidence and motivation with over 36 sessions including videos, e-books and audios.

Face to Face Coaching Session £79.99 (Greater Manchester Only)

E-mail with a brief outline of your query and times when you would be available to talk. One of our life coaches will book you a life coaching session lasting around 90 minutes.

3 X Face-to-face Coaching Session £180 (Greater Manchester Only) Save Over £59.99

If you live in Greater Manchester you can meet one of our Life Coaches face to face for 3 X 90 minute careers coaching session. To book an appointment E-mail

Interview Coaching

Failing at interviews is the number one reason job hunters do not gain employment or a promotion. Many people have a fear around interviews and often do not know how the interview process works, how to prepare for interviews and what to say and how to act during the interview process.

Employment King uses qualified careers advisers to help you succeed during an interview. Success comes once you understand the new and different ways employers use to interview new candidates and once you learn how to Influence the Interview; we will teach you how to Answer Tricky Interview Questions With Killer Interview Answers, and how to use Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques in the Job Interview,you will learn the tools and techniques to pass all your job interviews.

With many years of experience helping job searchers pass interviews, our interview coaches can help you gain more offers of employment:
  • Learn how to use sales psychology in the job interview
  • Learn how to structure the interview answer so every answer SELLs you
  • Become an industry expert – the key to big salaries
  • Understand how to use a “body languge” “motivational language” and “ persuasive languge” to influence the interviewer
  • Overcome your interview fears by using NLP techniques to boost your confidence
Our interview coaches offer a wide range of sessions to help you sell yourself during the interview process.
  • Interview planning – how to plan for an interview, predicting interview questions, and how to been seen as pure gold.
  • Mock Interviews – a chance to practice your interview techniques with professional feedback
  • Overcoming interview fears and confidence building sessions.


E-mail employment king on with your interview details, career goal and advice needed and one of our Qualified and Experience Interview Coaches will contact you to book a session.

Online Interview Coaching Session £79.99 or 3 Online Interview Sessions £180

E-mail with your contact number, interview details and career choice. One of our Interview Coaches will telephone you back to book you a session for an Interview coaching session lasting around 90 minutes.

Advanced Interview Training Course £250

Attend the One Full Day Advance Interview Training Course based on the best selling book The 73 Rules for Influencing the Interview using Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques. Click Here for more details

Training for Professionals

Employment King delivers group sessions to Professionals, designed to improve the advisors wide range of skills to help motivate the unmotivated. The session we deliver use a mixture of NLP, Life Coaching, Solution-Focused and IAG techniques.

Session can be tailored made for individual companies for more information e-mail

How to motivate the unmotivated

learn how clients’ minds and emotions work together and how by changing their submodalities you can change their motivation.

Positive questioning

language does make a difference, learn how to hear what a client says rather then just listening to the client. By understanding the client’s motivational language you can use certain words to influence your clients to help themselves to move forward.

Try something different

If you want a different result, do something different. By using games and activities in group work and on a one to one session you can give advice and guidance in a fun and interactive way.