6 Signs Your Employee is Soon Going to Leave You

Signs Your Employee is Soon Going to Leave You


If you are reading this article, then you probably already know how costly losing an employee can be. Double that if the employee is one of your top-performing stars. A quit on your work can feel like a heart-breaking betrayal.

All employers want to retain their brightest and the best. One way they can do this is by learning to recognize the signs beforehand to avoid the heartache. Many employees shy away from communicating what they need at work for that reason they simply choose to leave. Often, what they need is something you can offer.

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Here are six signs your employee is going to quit and should lookout for:



Recently Received a Degree/Qualification/License: Many employees plan on a job switch right after they obtain a college degree or any other certification. Clearly, this would propel their salary standard and allow them to search for a more relevant and lucrative opportunity.

Before the big event, confront your employee about it and ask them what their future plans are. If there is a way you can cater to their needs (possibly change the department or promote), they might want to stick to the organization instead of hunting for other jobs.

Experienced a Major Life-Changing Event: A major event could be positive or negative. However, a life changing event might involve changing the job as well. For example, a marriage/engagement, the welcoming of a child, a major accomplishment (such as a successful dissertation publication or offered someone thesis help UK) could be clear signs that things are about to change.

The event could also be a negative one such as a recently diagnosed, serious health issue of the employee or someone in his family. For the employee, this could mean changing location or maybe even quitting the workforce.





Consistently Handing in Sloppy Work: Poorly done work doesn’t always mean that the employee plans on hitting the quit button right away. However, it is a clear indication that the employee is losing morale. Reduced morale will not only reduce productivity, but also increase the likelihood of the employee quitting in the near future.

Sudden Change in Attitude: If you worker used to be top-performer and would hand in work on time, but seems doing quite the opposite now, you need to be worried. Top performers don’t slip without a reason. Occasional fall-backs are normal and may simply be a result of personal problems. However, reduced productivity that is consistent is a red flag. This could be a sign of disengagement with work due to lack of motivation. In this situation, it is best to confront the employee and ask him if there is anything you could do to increase their motivation (possibly more challenging work?). If the employee still refuses, you might want to directly talk to him about your concerns.

Using Up their Leaves: If your employee appears to be blowing off the sick, vacation, and all other “leaves” when the year isn’t ending, it could mean that he plans on using them all up before he can jump the ship. Leaves are precious and if an employee doesn’t seem to value them anymore, then don’t be surprised if they are planning on quitting.

Dressing Up and Leaving at Odd times: Job interviews usually don’t happen at night. This is why a job seeker might take time-off to leave during work hours. If he seems to be all suited-up and leaving at odd times, its clear sign that he’s up to something.




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This could be your last shot at retaining your employee and giving him what he wants instead of losing him to another “greener” field. Confronting you employee at this time would be a good idea to understand their intentions. If it still seems inevitable, knowing beforehand will at least allow you to start the search for a replacement at the right time and reduce productivity costs.


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