Building A Career In Salesforce

Building A Career In Salesforce



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If you are a student looking to build a career in salesforce and salesforce release, then you couldn’t have picked a better time to do so. Currently there is a huge scarcity of Salesforce experts in the market and this includes both developers and administrators. Most companies are making the move towards salesforce and is happening so rapidly that the supply is not being able to keep up. Thus if you want to be part of this lucrative market then you should get started right now.


Here is how you can jumpstart your career as a consultant in Salesforce.


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1.     Create Your Developer Edition

One of the best methods of learning something practical is by using it hands on. it is no different with Salesforce as well. Anybody can create a developer edition and that too for free. It is fully functioning and can be utilised to learn standard functionality, and also allows for the installation of AppExchange packages. If you are learning salesforce at an advanced level them even APEX code can be installed. Remember that these free developer editions need to have activity at least once every six months for them not to expire. Also, they are updated with the latest version of salesforce release.




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2. Get familiar with the Technicalities

Go to the salesforce website which has all the technical documentation that you will need to start the learning process. There is a lot of content that you need to go through and some of that might not even make sense to you at the beginning. Go to the help section of that website or the salesforce community where you will find a lot of resources to help you out. You can learn about objects, definitions, permissions and so much more.

3. Start at the Beginning

To master something well you will have to start from the basics itself. Go through the online workbook which covers all the basic concepts of salesforce through activity based learning. Using this workbook, you will be able to create your first application, understand how permissions work, a role, profile and so on. Once you have gone through this interactive workbook you will be able to understand salesforce and some of the technical jargon.


4. Communicate with Other Users

Another great way of picking up a concept is by peer learning. Every major city will have many salesforce groups which are open to members of the community. These meetings can be joined and attended both free of cost and are fantastic ways for members to share practices, advice, tips and tricks and so on. Use these groups to network, get to know people, ask questions and present yourself to the community as well. always have business cards with you and talk to the right people. Engaging with the community will surely take you places.


5. Use Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools today. Members of the salesforce community use it all the time to help and connect with other users on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and so on. If you are not an active member of one of these platforms then it is high time you increase your social media presence. You not only gain knowledge but also network with people across borders using social media tools.

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These are some of the popular ways in which students can build a strong career in Salesforce. If you are still hungry for more then try the new interactive website launched bybsalesforce where you can choose exercises on certain topics and master them in a fun way.

About the author

James Ford is a Salesforce administrator and avid blogger in the community. He writes articles reviewing the latest salesforce release. In his free time, James likes to travel to exotic places with his son and wife. 


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