Building on your Career

Building on your Career                                               

Generally people fall into two categories when it comes to building on their career; the first group will often find a job that they enjoy, work hard at it and only apply for new vacancies when they need to – often in cases of redundancies and I would add a re-active person, will wait till the last minute (final day before being made redundant) before they starting applying for a new position.

The second group, who are more pro-active, will continue to build on their career throughout their current position and I would add continuing to build on your career does not been “just job searching” you will agree, that a pro-active person who does come across a great opportunity will apply for the new position, advancing their career.

The advantage of building on your career means you are ready when it comes to applying for a new position wherever this is due to redundancies or an opportunity to advance up the career ladder.


How to Build on Your Career:                                                      

Become an Industry Expert; as the old saying goes “knowledge is power” the linked article will explain everything you need to know to quickly become an Industry Expert

Make Professional Contacts; collect and give out business cards, attend networking meetings – in many job sectors, it’s about who you know and the image you project

Let it be know you are keen to Advance Your Career; this will increase the opportunity for you being recommended for a promotion or interview offer

Collect Evidence of your Expertise and Abilities; keep copies of supporting e-mail, appraisals, employee of the month certificate, anything that can be used at a later job interview  

Continue to Update Your CV; add new positions, duties and qualifications, when it comes to applying for a new position, you will only need to make a couple of updates to your application

Keep a look out for New Opportunities; don’t wait until you hate a job before you leave, keep an eye out for positions that will advance your career, this can be both internal and external vacancies

Create a Careers Plan; Use a Careers Advisor to help your write a careers plan (or write one yourself) with short, medium and long term goals, recording a plan of action has been proven to increase your ability to follow it through, resulting in a new step up the career ladder

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