Choosing a Career

Choosing a Career

Let your personality choose your career

Are you stuck in a career you hate, a job you find depressing or a position that makes you want to stay in bed on a Monday morning? Do you feel there is no way out, that you’re stuck in a lifelong job you will hate for life? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you need to look at your career choice.

Many people fall into careers, without any thought only to later find the job role they have does not match their personality and doesn’t inspire or motivate them – why work 40 hours every week doing something you hate, something that makes you depressed, a role that is harming your health?

Successful career professionals are successful because they have found a career they enjoy, a job they are excited about a position they naturally love and I would add you can find a job you will naturally love because all you need to do is match your personality to a career.

  • Once you know which career will inspire and motivate you, you will be able to make that move from your current depressing job to a new inspiring career, and I would add this can happen quicker than you believe is possible.
How would you feel, if you could wake up every morning WANTING to go to work? Imagine you were totally motivated in your job, finding every challenge and task a new opportunity, what difference would you enjoying your career have on your career progression, your life and even on your loved ones?

If you’re happy in your job you will live a happier life, gaining all the benefits that come’s with a perfect work/life balance, all you need to do is understand your personality type; what motivates you and what stresses you and which careers naturally suit YOU and your personality.


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