Ease Your Admission into a Post-Graduation College with these Interview Questions

Ease Your Admission into a Post-Graduation College with these Interview Questions


Most of the post-graduation colleges admit students by testing their capabilities through different procedures. One of these hurdles that the students face is the interview round that takes place mostly as a final test before starting the curriculum. So, it is important to prepare yourself with the common interview questions and tackle them in a way that makes your way smooth inside the institute. Read the following article to get a hang of the interview questions and how to deal with them.


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Getting to the interview in itself means that your application has displayed your abilities to an extent. The interviewer further wants to test your skills and commitment. Interviewers also want to see how you will fit into the institution or a research group. These questions have a specific meaning and the interviewer exactly know what to ask.

The questions would definitely depend on the course that you are getting into but some of the typical questions with not so typical answers are listed here. Having a look at them once before you are appearing for the course will ease your process of admission to the course and getting to know what is the interviewer expecting out of them.



Let’s take a look:

Why do you want to take up this program/course?

With this question the interviewer wants to understand how passionate you are for the course or the program that you want to pursue. Referring here to modules and projects about or a paper from your undergraduate course that further developed your interest. Explain to the interviewer that why this course is important in order to achieve your career aim.

Take for example you are seeking admissions to MS courses in UK or an M.Tech course in US, or a M.Com degree in India you will have to know that how a particular course will draft your career. It is possible that you may need to discuss your plan in detail, so you should better be prepared for it.

Why do you chose this University?

Another hurdle that you may need to clear is to make the interviewer believe that you have chosen the best university for you. The familiarity with the departments related to your research and how well it is known in the academic community should be your main focus. Do not try to butter them, just simply tell them how being here will help you tailor your career path.

Secondly, highlight the research aspects of the course that you find attractive, the methods, the structure of the program and display your firm believe in the college.

For example picking one of the above mentioned examples, MS colleges in UK would like to know what search do you have about the college you have chosen and what about the other colleges offering same course in UK.


Interview questions and answers


What are your five years goal?

You may think that once you are out of the room, the interviewer may not even remember what you said. Still, you have to be prepared to the fullest because they are not interested in your five year plans, rather they are interested to know about your organizing skills, planning skills etc.

Not only do they test the skills but also become sure that you will be committed to the course for the entire tenure and have plans to take it further.

How will you be beneficial to us?

To ensure success, do not list your skills. Rather give examples of your achievements in the past. Research about the competencies that the universities are looking out and try linking your skills to the competencies required. What they want to know is:

  • Your achievements weather from earlier courses or work if any
  • How are you a performer?
  • Will your skills benefit the course in some way

Which part of the course were you the most interested?

The question is designed to understand weather you have a genuine enthusiasm for the study or not. Again explain your career path and how important this course is to you. Even you do not have a set plan, display interests that make you a serious student.


What are you as a person?

Getting to know about your interests and future plans, the interviewer now will shift the focus on if you are going to be a healthy part of the system. In other words, he will want to know if you will be able to adjust to the environment that the university offers to the students. You may offer your strengths and weaknesses here. You may talk about:

  • Your accomplishments in extracurricular activities
  • Contributions made in previous academic session or work (if any)
  • What do you like

You can talk about yourself as much as you wish to do, just remember you have to leave a positive impact when you leave.

Final Words

Your goals will define your career path and will help you answer most of the questions, some listed here; some may come up randomly. You never know what the interviewer can think!

Also, keep in mind a formal attire when appearing for an interview. The way you dress up ends half of the interview; in a positive or a negative manner depends on you.


Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep her readers well informed.


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