How to get your talent noticed?

  • How to get your talent noticed?                                            



I met thousands of people who say they have a great talent but can’t get noticed, singers who want to be pop stars, artist who want recognition and even job hunters who desperately want a job in a career they are an expert in.


  • How good are you…really?


The question is how good you are, will your voice sell records? Will thousands of people want to view your paintings? What value can you offer an employer? If you are really that good, if you have a talent or skill that out-surpasses others than I agree you should get recognised or win that job.


  • What is your talent worth?


If you are an amazing singer, artist or career professional how much money will you be able to earn if you were given that all important one chance? Thousands? Millions? or Billions? 


Think about the next 5, 10 or 15 years if you were given once change in front of a music producer, a gallery owner or an MD, how would the next 5, 10 or 15 years change for the better?


If you are serious about your talent and career, you would have already tried knocking on the doors of galleries, sending your song to producers or e-mailing your CV to hundreds of employers without success, this is not to say you don’t have the talent but it does confirm that your current approach does not work.


  • Getting noticed


The best way to get noticed is to put your money where your mouth is, to back up your talent! Remembers this technique is only for people with a real talent, if you know deep down that you’re not really that good – DO NOT FOLLOW THIS TECHNIQUE


 As you read this your first reaction will be to say “no way am I doing that” but remember if you are that good at your talent, this technique will get you noticed by the people that really matter and once you have been noticed the new contract will soon follow, and what comes with a new contract? Money!


Wait outside the office, studio gallery or wherever the person you need to meet works, approach them and offer them money (around £100-£200) to listen to your music, to view your painting for 5 minutes or to let you work for free for a week!


That’s right offer them money! This is one sure way to get noticed, first they will be shocked by the offer (£200 to listen to one track – wow) and wouldn’t want to turn it down as it will be the easiest £200 they have ever made.


Next if you are that good, they will hear your music, view your painting or get a feel for how you work and will want to take you on knowing that you are a really talented person


From your initial £200 you could quickly get to recognition you deserve and the financial benefits that often comes with having talent – sometime thinking out the box is the key to success


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7 thoughts on “How to get your talent noticed?

  1. Well, this is certainly a unique blog! I hadn’t thought of offering someone moeny to let me work for them, but it would definitely get me noticed! I think it could work under the right circumstances.

  2. I’m Noemi Celedon Garcia. I’m 15 Years Old I Lived In Colorado Now I’m Visiting Mexico. I Love To Sing I Believe That I’m Really Good. I’ve Loved Music Since Forever Now. I Listen To Dubstep, Techno, Rapp, & Tribal. I Like Drake, Lil Wayne, Selena, & Many More. My Brother Oswaldo Is Also Into Rap. His Working On Making It To The Top, As Am I. But I Really Need Help Doing That. I Upload Videos Onto Facebook ALOT. Get Back To Me & Let Me Know How You Can Help. Please & Thank You (:

  3. Hi im tayla, im 14 i have been told i can sing good and i love to sing. I dont know how to get my voice out there so i searched on google and found this website. Hoping you can help, thanks 🙂

  4. The key to mastering any skill is repetition, which means you need to practice and practice improving your singing voice and your performance skills. The key to becoming a famous artist is to become a marketing package. What companies would want to sponsor you? The music industry has changed, bands and artist no longer make their money through record sales and concerts, most bands consider sponsorship for their main income. So from an agent’s point of view they look at your talent and how marketable you are. Hope this helps

  5. Hey. My names greg. I have had a really rough road but I think this storry should be shared. Now I know a lot of people would that drugs help an artist get creative. Bull sht. I am now a recovering addict and I have been clean for about 136 days now. I realised I was numbing myself so I was trying to write with my head. But now that I have learnt to feel again my writing is so much better. I perform on the streets and have been given many phone numbers and contacts in the music industry. One day I just descided to get off my ass and do something as I had an attatude that the world owed me something. Still waiting… I have had several people add me on facebook and post about me. I know this is no evidence of the degree of my tallent but I believe that I’m very good due to the feedback I get from people walking past. This is not to say I am a hobo. I’m very well off. Have a car have a house have clothes, I’m just a musicain that is willing.

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