I need careers advice

Careers Advice

How can careers advice help you? With the age of the internet it is easy for job hunters to find job vacancies and to find information on CV writing, completing application forms to help you gain employment.

Learn how to quickly gain employment.

A career advisor can support you with your CV, Interviews and job hunting, but a good career advisor will can do more than this. When with a career advisor they will help you explore your skills, qualities, strengths and personality and match these against a career you will enjoy and excel in, helping you choose a career that is right for you.

A careers advisor will look at the barriers stopping you gaining employment and help you overcome them; they will ask questions around your present circumstances and what you currently do to gain employment. From this a career advisor should be able to see what part of the job hunting sequence is a barrier to you, as an example if you keep sending your CV off to apply for advertised jobs and you never receive an interview, than it is likely you need to edit your CV. If you want a different result, do something different.

Do you need careers advice?

The advisor model will look at where you are now (and what you have learnt from the past) where you want to be and help you plan how you can get there.

Career Coaching

With most, you will already have a good idea of the career you want to gain, this may just be a dream, you may say to yourself “I can’t do this…I’m not good enough” this lack of self belief is a common theme with many of us. Without self belief, job hunters will remain unemployed for a long time or gain a job they don’t enjoy only to leave this job a later date. A careers coach (and advisor) will ask questions to help reframe your belief systems, by helping you realise your true potential.

As an example of a “solution Focused” technique used often in a careers advice and coaching sessions, answer this question “on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how likely are you to gain employment?

What can you change to be the next number up the scale?” “What else?

As you have just found, these simple questions, among others will help you think about the solutions to overcoming your barriers and will help to change your beliefs about yourself. At employment king we use a mixture of techniques to help you achieve your dreams, changing Your Life, Your career, Your future. These techniques include NLP, solution focus and IAG.

How to move forward?

A career advisor and coach will first be someone who will listen to you, and look at ways to move you forward. Instead of telling you what you should do, a good advisor and coach will ask you focused questions to ensure your goal and the outcome from your goal will work well for you. The questions asked by a careers advisor-coach will help realise your ambitions and how you as an individual can achieve them.

Do you need a coaching session?

Examples of what a career advisor-coach can do:

· Matching job roles to your personality

· Complete Mock Interviews and help you prepare for interviews

· Increase your confidence and self belief

· Help you access your own resources to overcome barriers

· Tell you if your career will be required in the future

· Plan a programme of change with you

· Be honest with you, keeping your goals realistic

By reading this, you have already made your first step and your career coach will help you realise, than achieve your dreams quicker by giving you focus. With this new focus you will see yourself moving forward quicker than you can believe.

You can also coach yourself, The secrets of Employment is full of interactive techniques on choosing a career, goal setting, action plan setting and confidence building to help you with your future career.

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  1. I didn't think I needed careers advice, after trying unsuccessfully to gain work I gave it go. After the session I had direction and loads of confidence which helped me secure several job interviews.

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