Know the Effective Tips to Decide the Career Option After 12th

Know the Effective Tips to Decide the Career Option After 12th


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Are you confused about your career goals and what to do after 12th? You need to start planning from now as there are plenty of attractive options present in front of you. There are various institutes and colleges calling you for various courses. But you need to choose your subject as well as your institute very carefully. You need to plan stepwise like this:

Higher Education in Same Stream: You may select higher education in the same stream which you have gone through in your 12th. If you have dealt with pure science including the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, you can take chances for the professional courses like Information Technology, Engineering, and Design etc or opt for some pure science degrees in Physics, Statistics, Maths and Chemistry. If Biology was one of your subjects in science during 12th, you can go for various medical degrees. You can exhibit your skills in the financial sector if you are from the commerce background. Specializing in your favorite subject with Humanities in your background will also help you to proceed into the educational sector in the future.

Entrance Exam: After 12th, you become eligible for various entrance exams. Various colleges and institutes conduct their own admission procedure. You need to prepare yourself well and appear for those exams. The registration process takes place both in online and offline mode. You have to select the one which is better suitable for you.


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Higher Education in Different Stream: You can switch your stream at this point. According to your interest and aptitude, you should select your option at the right time. Sometimes you may be forced to take one or the other subjects in your 12th to keep your options open. But after the exam, it is the high time that you choose your career path very consciously.

Professional Course: The medical and engineering courses are two of the well known professional courses after the 12th. Besides these, you may also choose Hotel Management, Journalism and Mass communication, Web or Fashion Design, Management or Law. You need to choose your subject according to your strength and personality and not by any social pressure.

Vocational Course: When you see different workplaces, you will observe that 80 % of the employees are not satisfied and happy with their work. This is all because of wrong career decisions. You can opt for vocational courses like travel and tourism or office administration. Though they are not in line with your regular stream of study, they can be lucrative career in future.



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Alternate Options: You need to plan well in advance about the alternative options if you do not get the subjects of your choice. If you are not able to confirm your seats in the undergraduate course, you can study some related course for the time being and take up your subjects of interest during your post graduation. For example, if you are interested in Media but could not pursue the journalism course during Bachelors, you can take up journalism in your Post graduate level of course.

If you are unsure about your talent and aptitude, you may take up the Psychometric assessment test to identify them easily. This test will not only reveal your talent but also your personality. It will help you to map exactly where you stand. If you are still in a dilemma, you can consult a good career counselor to help you decide the right course for you. They are professional experts who will guide you in the right path at the right time. Above all, you always need to believe in your strengths for achieving success.



Author Bio: Emma Stevenson is a well known career guide and she shows the right career paths to all the young students. If you are in a dilemma about what to do after 12th, this article will definitely help you in your future endeavors.



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