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Keeping a Job Log  


Do you ever find yourself job searching and you come across a vacancy that you THINK you may have already applied for? Does this sometimes stop you from applying for that vacancy?

Would it be helpful to keep a record of all the vacancies you are interested in and to keep track of the organisations you have applied for both speculatively and from advertised adverts?

Would it be useful to gain feedback from your applications to help improve your chances of gaining offers of employment from future applications?

A Job Log, helps you organise your job searching enquires by listing the jobs you have applied for, from this you can easily keep track of the amount of applications you apply for each week – Does this meet your weekly target?

If you have not been successful a week after each applications closing date or job interview, use your Job Log to follow up each employer to gain feedback.

Add your feedback to the job log as this will show if you have any common patterns from the employers’ feedback. You can use these patterns to improve your employability skills, helping you gain an offer of employment in the future.

Other job hunters find meeting with a Careers Advisor quickly increase their chance of gaining employment, from matching you with career ideas, completing mock interviews and offering in-depth careers advice.

 Example JOB LOG

Date Applied


Contact Details

Application method






Example Company


0000 111 2222


Speculative Letter and CV


More information needed regarding my Employment History















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