Need a New Career?

Need a New Career


“Find Out What You Love To Do and Get Paid For Doing It”

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The best career advice you will ever receive is to fully understand what you love to do, and then get paid for doing it. One quick way to complete this task is by creating a list of all your career likes and dislikes

Career Likes (example)

• Creativity

• Working on my own initiative

• Working on multiple projects

• Giving and sharing ideas

• Seeing the end result to my work

• Receiving regular feedback

• Short distance to travel to work

Career Dislikes (example)

• Working on one long project

• Analytical work

• Working 9-5

• Being a small part of a big team

• Not being able to travel to work on my bike

• Targets

Next take your Career Likes and put them in order of preference, which is the most important like With your dislikes, ask yourself if I had all/most of my likes would I be still work in a role where I had to (add a dislike) do this for all your dislikes.

Now you have a better understanding of what is important to you, in your career. You can take this knowledge and match it against job specifications. To find job roles or new careers, re-read your list and if your key like is around “creativity” Google “creative job roles” or as an example you may love finances, so Google “financial job roles”

Research which career sector and then specific role would best suit you. The final stage is preparing your application or in some cases re-training to ensure you meet the employers essential criteria.
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