Next Step

When looking for a new career but you don’t know what to do you will often ask yourself “what is my Next Step?” I have meet thousands of job hunters and career professionals who want to do something different – get a new job or progress in your current career, but don’t know what their next step is.

Taking Your First Step

First you need direction; you need to know what you truly want from a career, promotion or job. Some people want career recognition, others want a big pay packet, while some want to do something meaningful. Your first step is asking “what do I really want from a job, career or promotion?” by knowing what youreally  want, means you can go and get it. It the same with holidays, you may want a holiday but don’t know where to go, you look and look but nothing “jumps out.” Once you know what you want – rest, beach, sun, etc you can quickly find the holiday that suits your criteria

Taking Your Next Step

Now you know what you want in a career, which means you should have a list of several criteria’s not just one, you can match your desired criteria against the job specification, as an example a job hunter wanting to do “something meaningful” would quickly become bored or depressed in an outgoing telesales job, but would suit working for a charity organization. A job hunter with a goal to “have a large pay packet” would be de-motivated working as an administer but would excel working as a broker

So, your next step is to match your Wants, Motivational Traits and Personality Type Preference to different career roles to see which one(s) will best suit you, as this is the key to career happiness and if you’re happy in your career you will be motivated to move up the career ladder

Next Step

With a full idea of your career goal (if your struggling use the employment king job profile) you can look at what steps you need to take to gain this position. You may need to re-train, gain new qualifications; you may require more experience or may need to gain new skills. For others you may need to just find some vacancies and apply for them.

It doesn’t matter what next steps you need to take is, all that matters is that you write down each step you need to take on a careers action plan and follow them as so many failed job hunters, want a job but won’t put in the initial work, saying “I cant train for a year” or “I haven’t got time to be job searching” which means the really question is “how keen are you to gain a position/promotion in this new career?” and “what are you willing to do, to gain this new role?”

By breaking your career goal down in to easy to complete SMART actions, you are more likely to follow them and if you gain a career that matches your wants, motivational traits and personality type, I guarantee you will be so much happier with your career.

Future Steps

If you could look into the future and you can see your life playing out just the way you want it to, with decision being the correct choice, with career goal achieved, what would your future life look like? What would you be doing? Where would you be working? What have you achieved in your career?

If you were this future you, looking back down your timeline seeing the you now, what advice would this successful future you, give the you now?

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