Student career guide: Have you selected the right cloud computing career direction?

Student career guide: Have you selected the right cloud computing career direction?



With the growing popularity of cloud computing applications for businesses of all kinds and sizes, the need arises for professional cloud skilled labour. Which path will you choose for yourself?


The rise of cloud computing technology can be unnerving for some in the IT industry, but for many it provides a straight shot at fast-tracking their career growth and plumping up their bank accounts. However, if you are looking to venture into cloud computing you will need to select a specific path, and know which skills are more valuable to possess.


In the US alone, there are nearly 4 million jobs for cloud computing professionals, according to a study by Forbes. The median remuneration is $90,950. Worldwide, there are over 18M jobs, with about 40% coming from China.


There is a growing need for use of hybrid and full cloud computing solutions, and with it the demand for people who can facilitate this cloud migration. Qualified candidates today still have the option of selecting from among over fifty jobs, though this will likely reduce over time.



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Selecting your cloud career calling


There are two ways to establish your cloud computing career: first, you can become an IT pro with specialized cloud skills or go for IT administration which requires cloud architecture expertise.


Businesses looking for specialized cloud computing/development expertise are already matched with cloud service providers like Google Cloud Platform, MS Azure and Amazon Web Services. Positions within these organizations often involve up-and-coming DevOps automation processes/tools, typically within recently established enterprise groups.


Given the emerging trends in container and Docker technology, the market demands experience and knowledge in creating portable applications with containers. Knowledge of Docker is still highly desirable, since it is the preferred container technology for most providers. It would also be useful to have container-clustering expertise, like in Docker Swarm and Google Kubernetes systems.


Building your career and the cloud


Most jobs today demand for specific cloud skills, with AWS jobs leading the pack, Google and MS experts coming after. These skills include development, operations and configuration positions, and can fetch the qualified candidate $110K-$220K dependent on other factors.


Businesses with openings for cloud architects are looking for someone to define the cloud, i.e. take then from business requirements to actual deployment. These are jobs associated with businesses that have not fully defined their cloud needs and require assistance in this. It may also involve outlining the extent of present private/public cloud, or building from the ground.


Cloud solution architects need to have strategic knowledge of as many cloud computing providers and technologies, and the expertise to create hybrid plans according to enterprise needs and business goals.


Remuneration packages lie between $150K and $250K, varying according to experience and location. Consulting firms are willing to pay more, but this will come with a lot of travel, meaning you plate will be full most of the time.


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Investing in cloud computing expertise today is definitely a wise career move. However, cloud computing technology is quite fast-moving, meaning that you’ll have to put in a lot of extra work to ensure you remain current and relevant.


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