What is a SMART Goal?

We have all heard of SMART goals but what does SMART mean? To achieve your goals you can just say I want X and then get it or you would have achieved all your goals many years ago. to achieve goals you need to break the goal down which is where SMART comes in. By setting SMART goals and writing them down to make a real commitment you will work towards and achieve your goals.


SMART stands for:

  • S – Specific – the target must say exactly what needs to be learnt or done “ I will apply for jobs” is not specific “ I will apply for 3 administration jobs” is specific
  • M – Measurable- It must say exactly how this can be measured – you must be able to tell when the goal has been achieved
  • A – Achievable – The target must not be too hard or too large, remember: it better to have several small targets leading to a larger goal. Although they should not be too easy!
  • R – Realistic – It must be possible to get access to any training, books or support needed to meet the target. It must take into account other areas of your life
  • T – Timed – There should be a set time limit for achieving the target. You need to know when to look to see if your Goal has been met

Make to goals, make one SMART and then record one the way you normally would do and see which you feel more motivated to achieve.


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