Becoming an Asset for Your Organization

Becoming an Asset for Your Organization


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The greatest of companies were formed by hardworking and dedicated team members. An organization is nothing without its people. The treatment and the attitude of the employees speak volumes about the culture and ethics of the company. These things are usually established by the company founders and year and year, the same ethics are passed down to each department and each team member. Once a certain set of rules and regulations are established and the organization has been around for a while, it can be quite difficult to make big changes.



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Also, the company code of conduct cannot be implemented on other levels without it being followed religiously at the top. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; an organization that doesn’t have its policies in place, will probably not do a great job at creating future leaders and great managers. And great team leaders are not born; they are created. With the right amount of discipline, gratification, motivation, hand holding and discipline, the freshers of today can turn into highly successful department heads at chief executive officers of tomorrow. It is not as easy as simply doing courses in MBA; though a degree or diploma from the right institute can definitely speed up the process.

However, great organizations will not be able to sustain testing times unless they have the full commitment and dedication of their employees. Young professionals, who only think about how they will benefit from the stint in a particular company, will probably not get too ahead in the race. Take the example of a FMCG giant. Everyone from the research and development team to the product team to the marketing team to the branding team has to put in loads and loads of hard work for a particular product range to succeed. It could be coming up with an anti aging cream – it takes understanding everything from the target audience’s point of view – the price point, the packaging, the application, the availability, etc. It cannot be executed by a self-centred brand manager, only concerned with his targets.

Any good company has to function smoothly like a well-oiled machine. It is a proven fact that employees that are looked after, respected and motivated perform better than the ones that are under constant stress of displeasing the superiors. On the other hand, it is also true that companies that have tried to run their operations like a family have failed miserably. The key here is obviously finding the right balance. Team leaders and managers need to define the processes and deadlines better and the employees need to put in more of an effort in the task instead of simply getting involved at a periphery level.

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A lot of new age companies are adopting the horizontal structure and choosing offices without walls and cabins. While this type of management may suit some employees, in some cases it may just fall flat on its face. There are people who perform best in a group – they love to brainstorm and work till the wee hours with their team members and giant pizza slices. However, some people may simply detest the idea of sitting with a bunch of people and a white board. They may be great when it comes to interacting with teams, but as far as their work goes, they may prefer to work in solitude.

When it comes to becoming indispensible to an organization, there is no one formula that makes sense across the board. Showing your enthusiasm and commitment may mean different things to different people. But hard work, dignity and the right attitude are common ingredients involved in the making of a successful person.


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