Climbing the Career Ladder of Success

How can you climb the career ladder to career success?


Traditionally the quick way up the Ladder of Success was to marry the Boss’s daughter or son, nowadays about the only option is to marry the Boss if you can find him or her!


Some professions, like Medicine, Justice and Education, have a very clear pattern for successful progress and the reality is that within many professional careers, it will not suffice recruiter expectations just to have passed university courses, as employers are looking to recruit only the top 10% of achievers, which means you need to put the work in, early on in your career.


The danger is for career professionals, is that their career may become boring or depressing; Suppose a Solicitor wakes up on their 40th birthday to find that they cannot face another 25 years doing the same work. The difficulty is that no-one will pay them a fraction of what they earn now to do anything else, unless they re-train and I would add many people do make the positive decision to re-train and have a new successful career.

Before making a career change choice, you need to ask yourself “if I could make a change to my current position, duties, colleagues or managers – would I want to keep my current and improved role?” Many people become stagnant in a role as their not being stretch or challenge if you can negotiate with your manger to make some small changes you will quickly find that forgotten career enthusiasm.


For those with a less clear cut idea of their career choice may find themselves working for a range of different employers in different industries (Often referred to as a Job Hopper), hoping that they will ‘fall into a career’ which often happens but only after trying several none successful careers, in many cases wasting precious time.


Job Hopping can be productive for people who like variety, options, starting new task, meeting new people, gaining new experiences. If job hopping isn’t for you, you first need to look at what you want in a job; working alone or in a team? A job where you use your creativity or a position where you follow strict procedures? Would you prefer to start and finish one task or a role where you have to balance several task? Once you know what you want in a job you can match this to a new career, starting your climb up the career ladder of success.


Working for a number of employers in different industries may not appear to make sense on your CV; the trick is to make your application show that you make a positive contribution wherever you go by recording your achievements on your CV – what can you offer an employer?


The key to reaching the top of the career ladder is to first have a passion for your career, choose a career that you really suits your personality and beliefs. Once you know your career choice, you next need to plan your career route through education and/or employment, in each role you need to put everything into the role, act as if you own the company. Learn from your mistakes (we will all make mistakes along the way) and keep a look out for new internal and external opportunities, aim high and don’t be shy! Finally in each role be enthusiastic, friendly and professional.


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