Have You Thought of a Career as an Energy Efficiency Advocate?

Have You Thought of a Career as an Energy Efficiency Advocate?



As our natural resources are getting fast depleted with time, there are major concerns about energy conservation and energy saving. You should aim at energy efficiency for savings at home, city, businesses, and state as well as federal governments on a much larger scale. You can pursue a career as an Energy Efficiency Advocate in an energy saving company as you would get tremendous job satisfaction.



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Job Description of an Energy Efficiency Advocate


Energy Efficiency Advocate needs to secure federal policies for promoting energy efficiency in appliances and buildings. Statistics reveal that the building sector is responsible for almost 40 per cent of yearly greenhouse gas emissions in the USA. So, the energy efficiency advocate is expected to play a vital role in shaping the federal policies that would cut down the emissions thereby reshaping the economy. They are also, responsible for setting up and implementing carbon pollution standards especially in power plants.


Job Responsibilities of an Energy Efficiency Advocate


Your job responsibilities are promoting the adoption and implementation of the strongest ever cost-effective appliance energy saving methods and efficiency standards; as well as the procedures and methods of tests followed by the US Department of Energy. This may include taking part in public hearings, and technical workshops, participate in stakeholder negotiations, drafting public comments and participating in other types of advocacy activities and efforts. You have to perform legislative; advocacy and policy development work on building efficiency policies, incentives for highly efficient buildings, building energy codes and come up with policies for promoting appliance and building efficiency. You may require promoting grants and tax incentives for supporting high-efficiency appliances, buildings and equipment.



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Job Prerequisites


This job entails a lot of innovative thinking and creativity as the job is multi-disciplinary. However, an energy efficiency advocate needs to possess the following skills and qualifications:

  • A professional degree or graduate in any of these streams namely engineering, science, business, economics, law, environmental policy or other related discipline.
  • Sound knowledge, experience and expertise on energy policy and energy systems.
  • Strong analytic and quantitative capabilities.
  • Brilliant team-building, leadership and project management qualities.
  • Superb and convincing oral and written advocacy skills.
  • Ability and willingness to create and work with coalition. Must be able to participate in complex negotiations involving a number of stakeholders.
  • Capability for interpreting complex economic and technical analysis and conveying its meaning to media and other non-technical audiences and even experts.
  • Prowess to manage several assignments, work diligently and meet deadlines.
  • Energy Efficiency Advocate enjoys excellent benefits, competitive salary and a wonderful working ambiance. Usually salary is according to a non-profit scale and as per experience.



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