It’s the Time to Overcome the Top 4 Barriers to Work Abroad

It’s the Time to Overcome the Top 4 Barriers to Work Abroad


No one wants any obstacles in the path of their career progression. When it comes to working abroad, several common barriers might slow down your speed. When planning to work in a foreign country, particularly Gulf countries where you can get a perfect blend of tax-free income and a great experience to explore a new world like Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar, no obstacles should stop you in your career progression!  


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Here we will discuss some of the common barriers people face to move abroad- Understanding the Language, Cultural Difference, Safety Issues, and Home Sickness



Language Barrier


The understanding and knowledge of the country’s language you are relocating to, is extremely important. However, when you fail to understand the foreign language, it becomes a barrier for you to live and work abroad.

Solution: Learning a language is not something that you can’t do! For instance, if you are moving and looking for a job in Oman or any other Arab country, learning Arabic becomes the first step to break the language barrier. There are several ways to learn a new language- join classes, online learning, books, conversation groups, CDs/DVDs, etc.



Cultural Barrier


Understanding and adapting to a different culture is the next common hurdle you face in your plan to work abroad. Particularly moving to a location where religious beliefs are strictly followed, such as Gulf countries, it becomes vital to be aware about the cultural and religious norms.

Solution: Try to gain general understanding of the country’s traditions, beliefs, and moral values of its natives. For instance, business etiquettes in Muslim nations include handshake with men,

but approaching a female employee for it is not considered good. Similarly, you will find different culture while working in the European nations. Hence, prior knowledge of the culture, lifestyle, and its people is important for your relocation. You can join various groups online and chat with fellow expats.





Safety Issues


Moving abroad sometimes might cause you to face safety issues due to unfamiliarity with the location. Safety issues become a more serious concern particularly for women working abroad. No one expects that anything bad will happen to him/her in an overseas location, but it is always advisable to be prepared about any bad situation.

Solution: When living alone in a new country, avoid hiring any unlicensed private taxi. For women, it is recommended not to walk alone at night or be friend with any stranger without knowing him/her. You can also keep a map of the new places you will be required to travel on daily basis in the initial few days to avoid any confusion. Remember, you will gradually come to know about the new place and the new people. Until then, be cautious!


Experiencing Homesickness


Nostalgia is a common feeling people face when living abroad without friends and family. A new job, a new place and new people- these are together sufficient to make you feel alone at times. However, it is a challenge that you should overcome as soon as possible as it can affect your mental peace and health.

Solution: The best way to fight homesickness is to find positive reasons of your stay away from your home. A high paying job, global work exposure, or career opportunities; are these not the motivating factors for you? Yes, of course! Moreover, in today’s Internet age, it is not difficult to stay connected with people in other countries. Hence, it is possible to avoid a sad feeling and connect with your friends and family on social networking sites, video chats, and talk to them at reduced call-rates. Above all, it’s the time to find new friends in your new “home”-your new work country.

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So, if working abroad has always been your dream, it is the time to say “Good Bye” to all these barriers.

Good luck!



Swati Srivastava is an avid writer who loves to pen down her opinion on economic issues, career advice, and global issues. To contact her, send her a message on LinkedIn  or Google+.


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