Job Hopping – what’s all the fuss about?

 We have said it before; there is no longer such a thing as “A Job for Life” In the past, having job security (a regular income and good pension) and possibilities for promotion was high on the agenda; professionals looked for safe jobs in safe industries such as banking, where, with hard work you can move up the career ladder.

Now a days, jobs and industries are no longer safe and more professionals job-hop. On average we changed our job or company every 3 years.

 With some employers, job hopping is seen as a negative, while in some sectors job hopping is seen as a positive or the norm, as employers only offer short-term contracts.

Why do you job hop?

Employers can stereo type about job hoppers and when looking at your CV or application, they may feel you will start the company only to quickly move on to something else-costing them money.

Why do you job hop? If you haven’t found your ideal career goal and your job hopping to test and try careers, you would benefit by speaking to a career coach, as your CV will lack conscience, often positive job hoppers job hop in the same industry/job roles.

Job Hopping can be productive for people who like Varity, options, starting new task, meeting new people, gaining new experiences. The trick is to make your application show that you make a positive contribution wherever you go by recording your achievements on your CV -what can you offer an employer?

If you worked on short – term contracts, you need to record this on the application, as short term contracts are not seen as a reflection on the employee.

Explain your job hopping rather then just a list of employers you have worked for, as many job hoppers go into companies to retrain staff, add new IT systems, to re-organise management structures, promote a launch before moving on to the next project. This is seen by employers as a positive thing and you need to record the difference you made during your time in these projects.

Let your Job Hopper CV sell you

Your experience from job hopping can be used as a selling point, focus on what you can bring to the organisation and how you feel you will fit in with this company.

Why Job Hop When You Don’t Have To?

As job hopping can by some employers be seen as a negative, you need to look at what you want out of a job or out of job hopping? Varity, Change, Options, Personal Growth, Potential Promotions? Many job hoppers, job hop for these reasons.

Instead before your next quick hop, look and choose a company that offers the environment and working style you enjoy. This way you can stay happy in just one company.

If you keep getting itchy feet every time you start a new role, a career coach can help you look at your personality type and match this to industries that need people with your skills and personality.

Research has shown that depending on the job hopper, employees tend to gain a higher wage long term by staying in one company. The other bonus with working in one organisation is, employers often are more willing to fund training to longer term employees.

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