Life Coach Job Profile

Life Coach Job Profile


In the UK life coaching is not regulated which means anyone with the ambition, skills and experience can become a self employed life coach.

A life coach uses questions and techniques to help clients to take control of their current situation which can vary from goals, relationships, business, confidence, anxiety, public speaking and a work-life balance


If you enjoy working with and helping people then this can be an ideal job for you. Some coaches are employed but around 95% of life coaches are self employed with many coaches working part time


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Required Skills for a Life Coach


  • Excellent listening and questioning skills
  • the ability to build rapport with clients from different backgrounds
  • Open minded and non-judgemental
  • An ability to inspire and motivate individuals
  • Able to support clients to set and achieve goals
  • Confidence
  • Able to challenge clients



Life Coach Duties


Around 50% of your time is spent marketing your coaching business through online platforms (for self employed coaches)


A coach will first set out the agenda for the coaching session explaining the rules and procedures. To support the client the coach will ask the clients session objectives and what is stopping them from moving forward.


The coach will then coach the client to find solution, to set goals and to create motivation. This may include discussing limiting beliefs, values, beliefs, passed experiences and how to stay committed



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Life Coach Pay and Conditions


Self employed coaches charge between £50-£300 per session. Employed coaches earn around £22-£25,000 per year


A coaching session will last on average for 45 minutes and many client will attend for 6-10 coaching session (1 session per week)


Coaches work face to face, by Skype and telephone. Many coaches will create a second income through a published book, public speaking or delivering training courses


Life coaches are responsible for their own self development

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