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Unemployed and looking for a new alternative then going back to working for others? The internet has opened many doors for job searchers, offering you the opportunity to work for yourself from home with only a computer and internet connection.

  • If you could sell products and services from home without having to touch or buy any physical products or lay out any money, making thousands of pounds a month, would you?

The internet has increased the amount of millionaires; many of these have been teenagers setting up a webpage from their bedroom. Today you will learn how to make extra income or become a self employed internet marketer, all you need to decide is how much time will you invest? The more effort and time you put into your new business the more money you will make.

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The system you will learn today does not cost you anything to set up, as long as you have a computer and internet access plus some time and effort.

Affiliate Marketing.

Today you will learn about affiliating marketing, created originally by Amazon. Setting up an affiliate website is easy and free, to make lots of money you to be an affiliate of something you know lots about.

  • An affiliate sells other peoples products from their website and take a cut of the profits, this can be up to 60% in some cases!

The basic idea is to pick a niche your interested in this could be Life Coaching, Bikes, Computers, E-books, TV’s anything you can think of even products such as theatre tickets. You need to be interested in your niche as you need to add relevant content to your website.


If you have a website then great, if not you can get a free website or blog from companies such as WordPress or Blogspot. Once you have a website add 5-6 articles about your area of expertise your niche. This shows new customers that your website is worth reading and will increase return customers. Your website needs to look professional, which is easily done using the two webhost we mentioned earlier. Add a home page, about me tab and a section where you can add regular articles that you will link to your affiliate programmes.

  • If you’re new to websites, WordPress and Blogspot offer a step by step guide and in most cases you will have a new website set up within 15 minutes! Honest it is that easy even for beginners.

Making Money.

OK, now you have a niche, a website and some content, the next stage is to pick a couple of affiliate programmes. The easiest way to do this is either join an affiliate forum and see what other affiliates make their money on or Google “niche affiliate” as an example “Mountain Bikes Affiliate” “CV writing service affiliate” or “make me a millionaire e-book affiliate” and Google will link you to various affiliate programmes.

  • E-book affiliate programmes offer the highest percentage to affiliates – clickbank is a great place to start with e-books being sold between £4 – £300 – amazing I know, one sale could land you £150

Most affiliate programmes are free to join, some you have to pay around £5 sign up fee and are easy to set up (taking around 20 minutes for each affiliate programme) once you have joined an affiliate programme the affiliate website will give you a code that you can add to your website, in many cases this in the form of a banner or key word back link.

Once you have added the affiliate programme to your website, your website users can click the link and once they buy a product you will receive your percentage of the profits normally paid on a monthly or 3 month basis.

  • Affiliate programme websites will keep a tab on visitors sent from your website and the amount of money you have made on a daily basis

All you need to do is increase the traffic to your website, the more website visitors you have the more money you will make.  It can take a while to increase the profitability of your website, but affiliate programmes and free web host don’t cost you any money. Keep adding content to your website to increase your web traffic and watch your profits grow.

Google Adsend.

Do you ever go a websites and see adverts sponsored by Google? We call these pay as you click adverts, basically a webmaster has used the Google Adword Programme to increase hits to their website, you can join Google Adsends and allow Google to advertise adverts on your website, the good news here is you get paid every time someone clicks the advert. You need have a large amount of website traffic to make any real money with Google Adsends.

What Next.

By now you are increasing your website with lots of new content, increasing your web visitors increasing your profit. The more popular your website is the more money you will make, you can add new affiliate programmes along the way or use an affiliate programme such as Amazon as they have a wide range of products you can sell from your website.

You may even want to sell your own products from your own website; many people write and sell e-books as they cost nothing apart from time and energy to set up. Remember to keep your e-book relevant to your niche as an example an Employment website might sell an e-book on CV Templates as their loyal visitors may find this useful, but an e-book on Holiday Destinations may not be needed by your website users, but by now you know what you are doing, having made some really money, so why not set up a new affiliate website with a new niche? 

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