Solo Jobs The Old and The New

Solo Jobs The Old and The New


Team work is often a key skill on many job specifications, but for those employees who want to work in a job sector where you can work on your own initiative, you will need to pick a career where the key criterion is single working.

These 3 careers require people who can work on their own initiative

Time Management

The Man Scientist – you may think that this career is only available in cartoon or cheap comedy movies, but with the increase in STEM positions and a world wide growth in green careers, innovators, designers and scientist are now in demand.  You could be paid thousands if you designed a car that could run on potato peelings or even millions for the innovator who designed and created a new way to capture energy from natural resources, such as the experiments in the North Sea  where scientist have created technology  to turn the power of waves into electricity.  

The sole working “mad scientist” has a vast opportunity to make a financially successful career turning their own ideas into working models that can be sold to industry leaders.

Cyber Security Officer – the internet has changed the world, and technology has developed quickly with millions of people using their internet phone to make payments, to pay bills and to access their bank statements. The growth of internet banking has been met by a growth in cyber crime. To combat this illegal activity which can potentially cost the financial sector billions of dollars, banks, financial companies and governments are recruiting cyber security officers to monitor and combat cyber crime. Companies will also commission hackers to try and hack their new systems before making them live. For the computer geek, well computer expert this role demands expertise, concentration and the ability to work alone  

Old MacDonald Had a Farm – 150 years ago you would find whole villages working on a farm to produce a crop ready to sell across the world. This multi-skilled task took hundreds of people, but starting with the industrial revolution, the horticultural sector has developed using new technology and machines to produce faster and move profitable results. As the number of machines on farms increased the number of employees decreased, now in 2013 producing a crop is a person job an ideal job for the introvert employee, motivated to work alone.

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