“At Tesco, the philosophy behind Every Little Helps is at the very heart of everything we do. It’s not just a marketing slogan, it’s what makes us different.” Source www.tesco-careers.com

Everyone has heard of Tesco, with it being the largest British retailer. In the UK it is hard to find yourself without a Tesco being a short drive away. Tesco started trading in the UK in 1924 and now has 2,362 UK stores employing 286, 394 employees.

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Tesco Jobs; With Tesco being one of the UKs largest employers, it’s not surprising that Tesco offer a wide range of skilled and low skilled job roles:

• Head Office
• Distribution
• Store
• Pharmacy
• Clothing
• Tesco Bank
• Tesco.com

What Tesco Career would suit you?

Tesco offer a wide range of jobs roles at a variety of levels and are keen to improve and develop their staff offering apprenticeships, qualifications and a staff development programme.

What type of worker is Tesco looking for:

There are people. And then there are Tesco people
Tesco people are easy to spot because they’re always:

• Passionate about retail.
• Focusing on the customer and striving to understand them better than anyone.
• Driven to achieve results through determination and commitment.
• Committed to treating people in a fair and consistent way.
• Willing to roll their sleeves up to get things done.
• Determined to respond energetically to customer feedback.
• Motivated to work in partnership with others to achieve individual and team objectives.
• Adaptable and flexible to thrive in a 24/7 business.
• Devoted to seeking feedback on their performance and investing time in their own development.” Source www.tesco-career.com

With Tesco announcing their about to create 1000 new jobs in Newcastle, Tesco are set to continue to expand. For someone with ambition and passion, Tesco will offer the opportunities for you grow and climb the career ladder.

You can view all the Tesco job roles and down load application forms on www.tesco-careers.com Their website has a variety of information and advice to help you choice if Tesco is the career for you, including employees profiles.

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