The Secret to Working With People You Don’t Like

The Secret to Working With People You Don’t Like


First you need to know why you don’t like that person, are they a “yes” person who never follow through, or a know it all – the person who always knows best, or is it a mannerism or value that rubs you up the wrong way?

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Once you know why you don’t get on with someone that you can take action. Before taking action, ask yourself is it possible to just avoid this person? I don’t mean running away, but if you hot desk you could plan that you’re not sat next to this person.

If you have no choice but to work with the person you dislike, you will need to learn to laugh at the situation, otherwise you become stressed in work. Think about how this situation benefits you, the yes person will soon be found out by mangers, which in comparison will make you look good. If you have to work on a project together, ensure you are given different time bound task, which means at review meetings your boss will see that you have achieved your task while the yes man hasn’t.

What ever the issue is, you need to turn it to your advantage. Ask how can I benefit from this situation? If you let someone who rubs you up the wrong way continue with it, you will only become ill, stressed and at the extreme depressed.

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