Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss!


It doesn’t matter how much you have a frank relationship with your boss, you always have to keep it professional. Sometimes if profession career when you‘re interacting with your boss, you might don’t have the appropriate word to say to him but there are some things you should never say to your boss no matter how much you are correct.

Because your boss is the person who can approve your promotion and sign over you resign and if you have the heat up a conversation with your boss, you can have the tough time in your job. Here the things you should never sat to your Boss.

There is certain comment when you try to explain to your boss but you should not use it in your conversation because it can have the negative impact on your personality and your career.



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A good practice while having a conversation with such bossy people around you in your organization is think before you speak, pause and then speak about it, if you speak and don’t think about your words you can get into trouble.


Never ever say that’s not my job or that not my area of work to your boss, because no job ever had detailed description in your professional life.


If you are flexible in your profession you can have a lot of best opportunities at your workplace.

Never show your boss I can’t do it attitude always be optimistic about the targets you are offered, always put Can Do attitude on your face because I Can’t do attitude show unwillingness and lack of confidence towards your work.




You have heard people saying No, but saying No to your boss, man you can get some trouble from your boss, but saying No isn’t that bad as the way you told your Boss NO, say No in the most polite way with most positive attitude.


Instead of saying No to your Boss explain to him why you can’t work on the project for example if your boss asks you “Can you work this project” instead of saying No tell him “Boss it will be challenging for me as I am working on the company presentation”.


Some of the thing saying I will try on assigned task to the person is the appropriate response when they ask if they can do it, the “I will Try response leave the authorize person unsure of that person he or she can do the task appropriately or not. No matter what always say yes and I can do it.


Some time you have to work in a team and you know bosses have zero intolerance, and asking your boss about what will I get from working in a team isn’t the right way. You have to work in the team it’s the part of the job. Don’t make excuses and refuses.

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If you think to say and treating your organization in which you are working by saying them that you will leave the work because in return they will consider flight risk and will have zero trusts you because they won’t assure you! You might leave.


Never ever tell your boss that you’re bored, why because you are paid to be more productive and passionate about your work, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself productive, energetic and entertaining. It’s not their job to entertain and keep you motivated for a long time.

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