Thinking outside the Box: Graphic Design Career in Digital Signage

Job search diagramThinking outside the Box: Graphic Design Career in Digital Signage


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When you graduate as a graphic designer, the inclination is to apply for jobs in website design companies, game development companies or branch out on your own as a consultant. While these are all good options, there is one market that is so obvious yet so easily ignored.

Look around you

Have you noticed the evolution of outdoor and indoor advertising? Think about your favorite place to eat. Have you seen a change in how they display their menus and advertisements within the establishment? No? Well, you must have seen some interesting modes of advertising along the road in the recent past.

All these are forms of digital signage and it is taking over the world quite literally. The move from static signs to digital ones is a global trend with every region of the world getting in on it. As with most things, Europe and North America are leading but Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Arab world are poised to take the lead in digital signage.



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What exactly is it?

Digital signage entails playing back digital content such as advertisements, menus, alerts and all kinds of information through a network of several screens called displays that are remotely controlled. The intention is to increase interaction between a business and its target demographic and is the latest and most preferred method of marketing.

What’s the link to graphic design?

Digital signage is actually a part of modern graphic design. Think of it as a larger and more dynamic version of a website. As a graphic designer for a website, you would be concerned with creating a graphic style that will be both appealing to the client and consistent throughout the entire website.

The same applies to digital signage, only at a larger scale. You will have to work with appropriate colors, fonts and shapes to bring to the fore the brand and the company behind it in a clear and appealing manner to the target audience. Further, you will be required to create a design and content that increases interaction between the company and its clientele with the intention in getting more conversions.



Get in right now

The greatest advantage of having your set of skills right now is that the digital signage market is growing rapidly and is poised to grow even further on a global scale. Everyone is going digital – from the large global corporations to the smaller local businesses. Digital signage is the future and everyone wants to be part of it.

As a result, there is increased and constant need for the skills of a graphic designer to develop graphics and contents for digital signage. Constant because with digital signage, the content needs to be dynamic to keep the target demographic interested. This means that others may often seek you after to bring to life some new concept for a business’ digital signage.

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Stick with the basics

So, as it stands, it is a good thing to be a graphic designer today. Just remember that with digital signage, the same basic design rules apply. You will have a great future as a graphic designer in the digital signage world.



Author Bio:

John Rex is a renowned expert in the world of digital signage. He has helped many companies, big and small, with digital solutions that meet their needs. Also, he knows where to get the best free digital signage.




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