5 Big Mistakes Depressed People Make

5 Big Mistakes Depressed People Make

Research has shown that depressed people continue to make the same mistakes, taking them deeper into the spiraling circle of depression. To break this loop and to feel more confident, understand the 5 common mistakes and use the suggestions to change the direction of your life and your confidence levels.

1. Dressing to Success Depress

Psychological studies have proven that the way you dress affects your confidence levels. When you wear, old, scruffy and/or dirty unfitting clothes you will automatically feel down. Whereas the opposite happens when you wear new, fitted and stylist clothes, you feel more confident about yourself. In actual fact your physiology changes when you believe you look good. The same rule applies with your good or bad hair style, your personal hygiene levels and your fitness/health.

2. Heavy Head

Your mind and body work as one and the wording people use evidences this “I’m feeling down” – head hanging down. You can see depressed/emotional people by their posture and body language; slumped shoulders, lethargic movements and head lowered – looking towards the floor, these are all signs off people in a negative state. The interesting fact here is, if you physically stand up, hold you head up high, make eye contact with others, you will automatically feel more confident – this is instantaneous.

3. Negative Self-Talk

One thing all negative people have in common is that they all use negative self talk, sometime without really realizing it, often looking for the negatives in every situation. This has been learnt overtime as no-one is born negative. To overcome this you can re-train your subconscious mind by purposely looking at all the positives in every situation in your home, work, activities/events and in every day situations. Start now by listing all of your skills, strengths and qualities. If your negative self-talk is getting you down book an NLP Life Coach Session to delete this crippling negative self talk in just one session.

4. Wanting Everything, Getting Nothing

Many negative people will want everything “I want to be a millionaire, I want a new Car, I want a pay rise, I want a good life, I want to be happy” and want it now. I agree it is good to have goals, but many negative people will want everything Now and are not willing to wait, when they don’t achieve their goals they put it down to their personal abilities – blaming themselves. Confident people are happy to work hard for their goals and will view every knock-back as an opportunity to improve. To overcome this start by having small goals – if you want a new car, the first goal should be to pick which model you want, your second goal would be to decide how much you are willing to spend on a car, etc. As you achieve your small goals your big goals will fall into place naturally.

5. It’s All About Me.

Do you focus on you? Many unhappy people go into situations looking at what they can get out of it, what’s in-it for them? They don’t think about completing selfless acts, helping others for free and making a good contribution when there is nothing in it for them. But there missing out, as the more you contribute through volunteering, giving someone at the till 50p who has gone over their predicted bill and has no spare change or helping someone cross the road, you will feel good about yourself and this feeling increases your positive emotions and personal confidence.

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