5 Reasons Not to Start a Life Coaching Business

5 Reasons Not to Start a Life Coaching Business


Becoming a self employed life coach is highly rewarding, as you get paid for helping others. But there are reasons why some people shouldn’t become a life coach.

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  1. Get Rich Quick; as with all self employed businesses, becoming a life coach won’t make you a millionaire over night. The more you put in the more you will get out of the business in terms of job satisfaction and financial reward. Most coaches charge between £50-£300 per session. As you can see, money can be made but first you need to know the secrets of securing clients and this comes with time.


  1. I’m a Good Talker; Life coaching isn’t just about talking, in fact great life coaches listen more then they talk. Newbie life coaches might be tempted to give people their advice, where in reality life coaches aren’t advisors their coaches, which means you need to learn how to word your questions so the clients can find their own answers to their own problems


  1. I Don’t Like Manual Work; as a life coach you will generally work form an office or your home. There is no manual work involved in life coaching but life coaching is mentally straining. Some people believe that being a life coach is an easy job; as with all careers once you become an expert the pressure is off, but all coaches will agree helping others can be mentally tiring, which means you need to ensure that the stress from supporting others doesn’t affect you


  1. No Overhead Cost; setting up a life coaching business is very cheap. You don’t even need to attend any of the hundreds of life coaching training seminars that are available as long as you know and understanding the techniques life coaches use. Most coaches work from home, so again no cost. But their are hidden cost, one you will need to pay for insurance, two internet marketing is a key part to a coaching business, which means you need to learn how to dominate Google and finally, good coaches will continue to develop their skills, which means paying for additional training and workshops.


  1. 5.     I Want To Give My Job Up; many people choose life coaching as a career, because they don’t like their current job. First I would advice getting some careers advice before changing careers, but what you also need to remember is that setting up a life coaching business that earns you a salary you can live on can take awhile. I always advise coaches to start their coaching business part time, this way you can still have a part time salaried job with a steady income.


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