5 Unique Inspirational Quotes

5 Unique Inspirational Quotes 


We all need inspiring from time to time. These 5 unique inspirational quotes will help you achieve success, create personal inspiration and to achieve your goals. These powerful nuggets of wisdom from our guest author Mark James  will help you get though a bad week and will both, inspire and motivate you.



“Don’t be imprisoned or enslaved by the darkness of other people’s opinions, free yourself and embrace the power of living in the light”


“Dreams are my inspiration,

Passion drives me forward,

Hope keeps me alive”



“Life has no destination,

Your journey is not predetermined,

You create your own path,

Follow your own road to happiness,

Choose your own direction”


 road to happiness

“Have the strength to accept your past,

The courage to decide your future,

If you believe in yourself today,

What could you become tomorrow?”




“To be truly loved is to love yourself, believe in who you are, know your own worth for you are one of a kind”


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2 thoughts on “5 Unique Inspirational Quotes

  1. Absolutely love the quotes!!! I am a motivational coach and a very positive peron… All of these quotes are uplifting, inspiring and release hope… Thank you for sharing, Anthony Fazzary CPC

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