An Interview with Brian Nabors the Author of “How to COPY and PASTE BRILLIANCE An Owner’s Manual for the Brain”

An Interview with Brian Nabors the Author of “How to COPY and PASTE BRILLIANCE  An Owner’s Manual for the Brain”


Thank you for joining me today Brian, first I would like to ask how long have you been a coach and what area do you specialize in?

I have been coaching since 2005 my area of expertise is personal development Business/Career/Life/Executive coaching.

So you have 7 years specialist coaching experience, what has been your greatest success story to date?

 Honestly my greatest success story would have to be me. I’ve worked very hard to be where I am and am very proud of the people I help.

That’s fantastic, has anything ever not gone to plan with a client? With that I mean have you ever tried a technique that didn’t get the results you and your client wanted?


And what techniques do you use with clients?

There are many techniques that I use because each case is different, it is collaboration and I am just the facilitator to my client’s potential.

Is NLP a big part of your coaching style?

Not necessarily, Nlp adds to my coaching for even better results.

I think that is the case for most coaches. In your practice, do you see clients on a regular basis or do you see clients for one of sessions?

That is up to the client.

So, you’re saying you are very client focused. We all know it is hard starting your own business, what made you take the risk and start your very own coaching company?

Because of the knowledge I acquired from studying psychology and quantum physics, I wanted to pass this knowledge on to my children and any other person in need of help.

I agree a big part of coaching for me, is to pass what I have learnt to others. After 5 successful years and a new boom out this year, I know you have grown as a professional coach but how many people work for you?


2, that’s very successful after just 5 years in the industry. Tell mw, how did you initially get into the coaching industry and what was your biggest hurdle?

I was the inquisitive child, I always wanted to know how things worked…including the mind. No hurdles you just study, study…study!

Yes I agree, I think it was Tony Robbins which said repetition is the key to mastering any skill. What is the difference between people coming for face to face coaching compared to telephone coaching?

You should be able to make the same connection face to face, on the phone or texting. Just listen and do your homework.

Do you have a life coach yourself?

Of course I do…don’t be silly

I know I’m sometimes amazed at the amount of professional coaches who don’t have a coach themselves. How has your life coach supported you?

My Coach is my inspiration! A truly amazing fellow that has a story for every situation.

I know that you are a dedicated coach and you continue to build up your skills my attending   number of training programmes, which training has been the most valuable to you and your clients?

My training comes from life’s experiences and staying buried in books, staying current with the latest information.

Yes you can never learn to much. But going back to your clients, what, would you say is the most common goal that your clients have?

Personal Development.

I know you support a wide range of clients, but who is your ideal client?

The one who seeks me out. They are the ones who want the help, not sent by a boss or company.

I know you write for a number of publications and blogs, if people want to read your articles where can they find them.

I understand you recently released a coaching book, what is the book called and how does the book help people?

“How to Copy and Paste Brilliance, an owner’s manual for the Brain”  is a well-structured crash course in mental processing. This book teaches how to recognize the patterns, strategies and sequences we use every day and how to maximize our own brilliance! The best part is we use these abilities already but we’re not 100% aware of it. You see, once you realize what you’re doing and why you do these things you have an understanding of a process, comprehending a process gives you the ability to re-create that process! The booj is available at Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

The book sounds fantastic and I’m looking forward to reading it, I know it has been receiving some great reviews. In coaching what would you say is your mission?

To teach. Enlighten; show each one how to pass knowledge to the next person as well as stand on their own and solve issues on their own.

It’s been a pleasure meeting you Brian, where can people find out more about you, and if they want to how can potential clients contact you?

It’s been my pleasure, thank you for allowing me to share what I do and why with your audience.  Just remember to stay positive, I am living proof you can do anything you set your mind to do!  You can contact me on  561.800.8988   or via e-mail at 

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