Become a Life Coach for £99

Become a Life Coach for £99


Coaching is becoming a popular business because more people then ever want to achieve their goals and see coaching as a positive tool in achieving this. Coaching has spread in to all sectors from sports coaching to business coaching.

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To become a life coach you first need to know the various coaching techniques and below you will find 101 coaching tools and techniques. The more you practice these techniques the better your skills and the benefit of possessing a wide range of coaching tools is, that different clients respond better to the different techniques. So if one technique doesn’t achieve the desired results the second technique may do.

All coaches these days need a web presence, with 90% of referrals coming from the web for most coaches. Coaches can also make additional incomes from their website, with some coaches selling e-products – making money while they sleep.

A key goal for most coaches is to become an expert coach, as a coach who coaches in a specialist niche will receive more website hits from buying customers, which can only result in higher profits.

The key to being a successful life coach no matter if you’re a face to face life coach in Manchester or an online life coach in London is having a passion for helping others. But before you can others through coaching, you need your potential clients to know who you are, which is why online marketing is key to any coaching business.

The myth that you need to spend £5000 on a coaching course is wrong. As long as you want to help people, you know how to set up a life coaching business and you have 100’s of techniques at your disposal you are ready to go. Did you know that you don’t need any qualifications to work as a life coach, your knowledge and people skills are the key.

Set Up A Life Coaching Business

Need Help Setting Up Your Life Coaching Business or Do You Just Need to Learn How to Dominate Google? Do You Want To Learn How To Become An Expert Coach or Do You want To Master101 Coaching Techniques?

Download The Coaching Business in a Box Today And Start Making Money Today By Helping Others Achieve Their Goals

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