Boosting Self Esteem

Boosting Self Esteem


Why do some of us feel confident and others lack self belief? How come others have it good, while for some everything we try doesn’t work out? What is the difference between someone who enjoys their life and those that feel like they have nothing to live for?


The key to boosting your self belief and to feel more confident is by changing your Limiting Beliefs. A limiting belief is a belief that stops you being your best in anything that you do, a limiting beliefs limits us and makes us feel emotionally negative.


If you want to change your low self esteem change your limiting beliefs, which means you need to ask yourself “what are my limiting beliefs?”


Common limiting beliefs include:


  • “Everyone is out to get me”
  • “Nothing ever works out for me”
  • “I fail at everything”
  • “I’m useless”
  • “I’m rubbish at driving/cooking/relationships/making friends/job interviews”
  • “I can never pass exams”
  • “I never win anything”


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As you can tell from the above list, limiting beliefs are general which means they need challenging. If you have low self esteem, you will tell yourself (and others) that “limiting belief” you will then find evidence to back this limiting belief up.


As an example, lets take “I never win anything” so you go to a raffle or bingo game and lose, in a negative tone you say “I never win anything” and this new evidence (not wining at bingo or not picking out a winning raffle ticket) adds strength to your limiting belief until you never try at any games because “I never win anything”


Collecting evidence happens all the time with all limiting beliefs and can be very dangerous when your limiting belief is “I always pick the wrong partner” or “My life is the worst, I don’t deserve to live” when we truly believe are limiting beliefs they often turn into self fulfilling prophecies…which adds more evidence to your limiting belief.  


Overcome Your Limiting Belief and Increase Your Self Belief.


Lets look at the “I never win anything” limiting belief, to change this belief you need to question your belief – “when was the last time I won somethingAnswer “2 ½ years ago when I won £5 on a scratch card” this starts to break down the belief, “so I sometimes win things..”


Question all your limiting beliefs and find evidence why the limiting belief is WRONG, continue to question one belief until you start to really doubt it.


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