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The Funny Thing About Confidence – 1 Day Confidence Course


Guaranteed Increase in Confidence in Just 1 Day or Your Money Back


Learn to be as Confident as a Comedian


We Have Modelled and Broken Down How Comedians Feel Confident Performing In Front Of Thousands of People – You Too Can Learn to Be More Confident In Any Area Of Your Life



Employment Kings leading Confidence Coach has teamed up with one of Manchester’s up and coming Comedians to share the secrets of instant confidence. You are probably already thinking of the hundreds of different ways your life would change if you could feel more confident, but before you book a place on the confidence course, read this:

Last week I was working with a client who needed to improve her confidence, she told me “I feel like a frustrated child, I imagine being on a bicycle wanting to get somewhere but the breaks are stuck and I cant move, no-matter how hard I pedal”  It doesn’t matter what metaphor you use to describe your lack of confidence, it’s about knowing that your lack of confidence is holding you back.  

The real question is how will your life change if you were a more confident person? Imagine during the next 12 months you start to feel really confident, no more hesitations, no more doubts, you just feel able to unleash your confidence. Every choice, decision and action you make is made confidently. What would be different in 12 months time?


Clients Have Attended Confidence Courses To Feel More Confident At:

    • Public Speaking and Stage Performance

    • Approaching Potential Partners

    • Achieving Personal Goals and Ambitions

    • Taking the Leap into the Unknown

    • Improving Relationships

    • Passing Job and Promotional Interviews

    • Self Belief

We will use a mixture of NLP, Hypnosis, Solution Focus, Coaching Techniques and ‘The Secrets’ Comedians use, to increase your confidence and to make you feel better about yourself. The Funny Thing About Confidence will make you laugh and we all know that laughter is the best medicine and the best learning state, so if you are serious about Becoming More Confident In Just One Day you need to book a place on this unique Confidence Course.

No other confidence course is taught by Leading Confidence Coaches and Comedians working together; How would you feel if you felt as confident as a comedian?

So What Will You Learn?

    • The ‘Know How’ To Access Instant Confidence Whenever You Need To – Controlling negative and positive emotions, increasing the strength of your new confidence everyday and understanding how YOU can boost your confident levels whenever you need to.

    • How Your Mind and Body Work as One – Which means you can feel more confident just by changing the way you stand, understanding the psychology of confidence and tripling your confidence levels through simple visualisation exercises.

    • Comedy Confidence – Learn how comedians feel confident when on stage even when they’re getting no laughs. Understand how breathing between sentences controls how others perceive you and how to use voice tones, gestures and facial expression to engage and control your audience both in one to one situations or when performing to thousands.

If you need to increase your confidence levels, book a place on The Funny Thing About Confidence; Limited Places, which means you need to book now and make a real change in your life, imagine you were confident right now – you wouldn’t hesitate you would JUST BOOK.

‘The Funny Thing About Confidence’ Course


One Day Only:

Sunday 13th May 2012 SOLD OUT

Sunday 12th May 2013

@ the Frog and Bucket Comedy Store – Manchester


  • Was £99.99 For a Limited Time Only £59.99 LIMITED PLACES

Guaranteed Increase in Confidence or Your Money Back 

What to do next? Save £40 by Clicking the PayPal Link below and Confirm Your Place  

  • The truth is this course is going to change your life. All we need from you is a commitment to wanting to WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE and we will do the rest. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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