Derren Brown – Luck

Derren Brown – Luck


Did you see the last episode in Derren Browns experiment series? In this show Derren spread a rumour in a small country village about a “lucky” dog, which in actual fact was an old statue of a dog that had been in the village park for years.

As the rumour about the lucky dog spread more and more people rubbed the lucky dog to inherit the dog’s luck. The funny thing was people started to become luckier, with many villagers winning on the lottery. There were several some villagers who felt for whatever reason that they were unlucky or had been unlucky for the best part of their life, Derren to test their luck, posted winning scratch cards through their doors that they didn’t scratch and even placed a £50 note on the floor that they just walked passed.

So, why are some people lucky and others aren’t?

When you believe you are lucky (or not) you will find evidence to back this up, as you find the evidence your belief increases and you find more evidence – this is called a self fulfilling prophecy.

As an example one person finding a £5 note will think they’re the luckiest person in the world, while a different “unlucky” person may feel their unlucky as they have “only found a fiver, not a tenner”

Are you lucky with goals?

I continue to research why some people achieve their goals and others don’t, even when their goals and circumstances are the same. People achieve their goals because the mind focus on what we ask for. Let’s take two people who want to lose weight, one will set a positive goal “I will fit into a size 12 dress” while the second will set their goal using a negative goal “I don’t want to look fat at the wedding party.”

When setting goals, the mind pictures on what you say; in the first instance the mind will picture you looking fab in the size 12 dress – a great motivational picture. With the second goal setter, their mind will picture “looking fat at the wedding” because the mind pictures what we say, which makes you unmotivated, leaving you feeling down. Remember, like with Derren Brown’s show, where the towns people were lucky because they thought they were lucky, the mind will focuses on what it see’s, which means to achieve your goals you need to set a “towards” goal, rather than an “away from goal” a towards goal is often known as a carrot and the away from goal is known as the stick.

What would motivate you to achieve your goal going for the carrot or to get away from a stick?

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  1. this is great, all of this makes perfect sense and now i know that i don’t have “bad luck” and i know that i can achieve by simply thinking positive 😀

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