Do you Value Your Career?

Do you love or hate your career? Do you wake up excited about going to work to face a new challenge or
do you have the Monday morning blues? Why is it, that some enjoy work while others hate it?

When I started out giving careers advice, learning why some people enjoyed going to work, while others didn’t was my mission and the
answer is Values
! If you have a job that matches your values and your personalitytype – you will enjoy your successful career; Today you will learn what Your Career Values are.


What is important to you in your career? Write down your answers below

Example Values Your Values
  • Money
  • Career progression
  • Working with others
  • Seeing the end result to my work
  • Working close to home
  • Having targets
  • Feedback
  • Personal development
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Ongoing support
  • Variation

Now you have a list of your career values; you need to put them in order of importance, which of your values is more important to you? If you had a choice would you take a job that had value A or value B?

Your Values in Order of Importance

    Once you know your career values and the values you most require, ask your self could I have a job that didn’t have Value X? – Answer this question for all the values on your list.

    People who accept a job offer with a company who don’t have the same values will soon become bored, agitated or stressed which will lead to them quitting their job or becoming depressed and ill.

    Take your top 3 values and ask “why is it important to me to have X value?” as an example; variation – because I get bored quickly and when I am bored I constantly have time off work, which often leads to me being sacked. This will you understand your values in more detail and is an insight to what motivates you Pain or Pleasure?

    I was once working with a client who was quickly becoming depressed due to his job, when we looked at his Values, his number one value was “helping other people” when asked what his job was, he said “sales” whenwe discussed that his career values were opposite to his role, he originally disagreed as he had been working in sales for 10 years and only felt like this in the last 12 months.

    After we explored this we found out that even though he had been in sales for 10 years for the past 14 months, he had been a new sales job selling what he said was “unnecessary insurance policies” – this is the opposite to his Helping people Values. His previous job was selling Medical Machinery to hospitals which was proven to save lives – BIG Helping People Value’s, he felt the machines he sold would help save peoples live, he sees himself as someone who helped other people (his number one value)

    Your values drive who you are (your personality), for a successful career pick a role and a company that have the same values that you require – what you believe is important to you.

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