Expectations Anyone?

Expectations Anyone?  

This weeks guest post comes from Anita Mann from Spirits Soars 


How often do we have expectations of other people and situations? How often do we carry expectations of ourselves?  Quite regularly in most cases. And, what is the usual outcome – that our expectations aren’t met in some way and we are disappointed. Let’s examine this tendency further because it plays a huge factor in how happy we are with our lives.

When we have expectations what does this really mean? It means we are trying to control something we have no control over. It doesn’t matter how ‘noble’ our expectations are, they are still expectations. Then, when we don’t get what we want, we blame life for being unfair. But, have you ever asked yourself, who said life was fair? What does ‘fair’ even look like and why is one person’s notion of fair different from another’s? Who is right?

Fairness is purely arbitrary. Life is what it is. There is no great conspiracy to ‘get’ us. It’s important to understand our life shouldn’t be anything other than what it is. If you don’t like your life, that’s fine. Take steps to change it. Set intentions. But, then let go of your expectations and the outcome.  Be grateful for what you manifest. Learn what you can from it and keep moving forward.  Know that you are worthy.

Piglet’s philosophy? Be happy no matter what.

I think this is where we run into trouble. We have control over our intentions since intentions are internally created. Expectations, on the other hand, are externally created. Therefore we have no control over them. So, why waste any energy shaking a fist at what is out of our hands? Instead re-focus on your intentions and see if you are being clear and consistent. For example, if you are saying to the universe that you are grateful for your material wealth but secretly live in fear of not having enough or it being taken away, the universe reads this as an inconsistent message. Inconsistency is what will show up in your life.

So, practice being honest with yourself about what you truly believe and then make sure you are being consistent about it. After that, surrender the results over to the universe. If you receive what you don’t want, it is because on some level you are sending inconsistent messages. Instead of being upset, be grateful for whatever you have received. This is because there is always a lesson for us especially if we dislike the outcome. The universe is compassionate. It will allow us as many ‘lessons’ as we need until we become absolutely clear about what we want. Then and only then, will we manifest our dreams. Remember, you are worthy.  Success will come.

With loving intentions,



I began my professional career in the field of social work, having earned my Bachelor of Social Work Degree in 1996 from the University of British Columbia. I worked for non-profit agencies for several years. Over time, I was no longer fulfilled by my work and began to look for something that truly spoke to me.

I was unhappy with my personal life, as well. I was tired, uninspired, didn’t feel very good about myself and was experiencing chronic health problems.

I wanted more. I knew I needed to do something drastic to shake up my life and begin a new path. Otherwise, I would be cheating myself out of a quality life. I no longer wanted to simply survive, I wanted to thrive. So began my amazing journey of personal growth which continues to this day.

It was around this time that I was introduced to Life Coaching. I had not heard of it before and frankly was skeptical (and underneath that afraid). I chose not to give it much credence. Thanks to the persistence of some dear friends, I relented and began to train for what was to become my new career as a Life Coach. Very quickly, I changed my tune when I experienced first hand the power of Coaching in helping people obtain fulfillment, passion, purpose and balance-personally and professionally.

I graduated from the Coaches Training Institute of California in 2005 and began my Life Coaching business. I am an ICF (International Coaching Federation) member. I draw from a unique blend of work, educational and personal experience. My desire is to guide you to live the life you long for.

My philosophy is that life is a journey of on-going lessons to better yourself. I believe you have the power to create the life you truly long for. Maybe you are like how many of my clients initially were, skeptical and afraid (just like I was). If you give yourself the opportunity and try Life Coaching, you too, may be pleasantly surprised as they were. I create a safe and confidential environment so you feel comfortable in beginning your Life Coaching process. As my client, you will be supported to create lasting, positive change personally and professionally. I will help you by using my laser-like ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter.  As my client, you will experience powerful, efficient and  measurable results.

Don’t you owe yourself this opportunity? Please click here to set the wheels in motion and receive your free, no-obligation, 20 minute consultation. As one client said “… what do [you] have to lose?” LB, British Columbia



Link: http://www.spiritsoars.ca

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