FREE Life Coaching Course in Manchester

FREE Life Coaching Course in Manchester – NOW FULLY BOOKED.

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A FREE 6 Day Life Coaching Certificated Course in Manchester (Course price is usually £699)

  • By the end of the course you will have the knowledge and skills to coach others to achieve their goals and to overcome their barriers.
  • This course will give you the expertise to start coaching paying clients
  • You will have the skills to support people with a range of difficulties from confidence to career goals, from self esteem to making key business decisions

The course is delivered over 3 weekends; participants will have to commit to all three weekends.


You Will Learn


  • A Wide Range of Life Coaching Tools and Techniques
  • How to Make Fast and Lasting Changes using NLP
  • How to Encourage Self Success using Solution Focus Therapy


Why Become a Coach?


Are you bored of your job? Are you sick of working for others? Is  your career/life balance getting you down? Or do you want to be Self Employed? Financially Sucessful? Do You Want To Get Paid for Helping Others?

  • As a coach you can Work Full or Part Time
  • Life Coaches can charge any rate per hour (average is between £50-£300)
  • You Get to Choose The Hours You Work


Life Coaching Course Delivered in Manchester City Centre


This is a fun, interesting and interactive course delivered in city centre Manchester. You will learn about all aspects of the client’s journey and how to coach each client to success. Life Coaches need to learn:

  • How to Create Strong Rapport with Clients
  • The Importance of Contracting
  • How to Hear what the Client is Not Saying When Speaking
  • Communicating On Different Levels and How to Communicate with Voice Tone and Body Language
  • Delivering Solution Focus Questioning and Key Questioning Skills
  • How to Challenge with Confidence
  • Breaking Down Limiting Beliefs
  • Motivating People with Pain and Pleasure
  • Which Coaching Tools Work Best


Coaching Techniques 


  • The Classics; Wheel of Life, GROW, Goal Setting and Outcomes  
  • Sub-modalities  – using Images, Sounds and Feelings to make lasting changes 
  • Words have Power – Hearing what motivates and stresses clients 
  • Towards and Away From Motivation 
  • Image Boards
  • Coaching Diary
  • Solution Focus – Scaling 
  • Manipulating Emotions 
  • Re-framing Negative beliefs
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs 
  • Using Stories for Change 
  • Future Pacing for Motivations 
  • Personality Profiling 
  • Making Decisions, Making Choices 
  • Plus Many More 

This course is designed to make you the BEST coach you can be, you will learn what makes a good coach and how the techniques I will teach, will allow your clients to make changes quickly and long lasting


Course Content


Weekend One

  • What Is Coaching and How Coaching Can Make a Difference in Peoples Lives
  • The Importance of Contracting with Clients
  • The Structure of the Coaching Session
  • Your Coaching Venue
  • How to Get To The Route of the Problem
  • Why Task and Homework Motivate Clients
  • Get Things Wrong – the best way to learn
  • What the Client Doesn’t Know
  • How Others View Their World
  • How to Really Listen to the Client so you can HEAR what they are saying
  • Introduction to Solution Focus Techniques
  • Using Sub modalities to Create Change
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Action Plans

Weekend Two

  • The Learning Process
  • Getting the Detail using the Meta Model
  • Goals and Outcomes
  • Understanding the Power of NLP
  • Using Clean Language and Metaphors for Subconscious Change
  • Why Your Clients Need to Laugh a Little Bit More
  • Positive and Negative Thoughts
  • Reframing Problems
  • Changing Directions’ of Negative Conversations
  • More Coaching Techniques; coaching diary, visualisation boards
  • Why Make Their Problems Worse?
  • Why you don’t use the Why question
  • Anchoring Confidence

Weekend Three

  • Does Coaching Have to Take Place in the Office?
  • Personality Traits
  • The Power of Words
  • What Words Motivate?
  • Future Pacing – Giving Yourself Advice
  • Understanding Client Values
  • Self Reflection using Perceptual Positions
  • Choosing the Right Tools for Your Clients
  • Getting Started with Coaching
  • Having a Coach

On completion of the course, each course participant who passes all the sessions will receive a Coaching Certificate


Course Dates Participants have to commit to all 3 weekends

  • 6-7 July
  • 13-14 July
  • 27-28 July

Venue – Exchange Square Manchester City Centre



ONLY 8 Places Available – These places will be quickly taken


FREE 6 Day Life Coaching Course (usual price £699)


There is an administrational charge of £50 per person


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9 thoughts on “FREE Life Coaching Course in Manchester

  1. I am working at a senior position (programme Manager) for Development Charity organization in Ethiopia.
    I found the training contents very useful. I wanted to know:

    a) I am not sure how this course will help me in my role as a senior staff responsible for developing development projects, managing financial and human resources, and representing the organization at various fora (meeting with donors, government and partner organizations)

    b) if the there will be alternative schedule (between August and December)

    b) I could not understand how the weekdays will be used if one should be available for all three weeks
    c) what will be the cost of the cost (as well stipend and other costs) required for participants from overseas

    looking forwad to hearing from you soon.

  2. Hello and thank you for your question.

    Each course participant will receive a Life Coaching Certificate of Competence by Employment King.

    The course is a 6 day intense course that has been designed to teach you a wide range of coaching techniques taken from various disciplines.

    There are own 7 places available on this course

    Thank You

  3. I wish you’d consider presenting your Free 6 Day Life Coaching Course in a webinar series, for those of us who cannot make it to Manchester. I’ll appreciate your considering this option.
    Thank You, Chris!

  4. Hi Tammy

    a couple of people have requested this, we are going to look into doing a webinar in a bit more detail

    thank you

  5. Hi,
    I am greatly impressed by your Life Coaching Course. Unfortunately I live in USA. How can I participate in the course? Can I do it on line?
    Kindly advice.

    Ben Mbugua

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