How Can Someone Turn From Extremely Happy to Aggressive Anger in 2 Minutes?

How Can Someone Turn From Extremely Happy to Aggressive Anger in 2 Minutes?

Did you watch the X factor last night? when Zoe the pink impersonator goes from extremely happy to aggressively angery   in just a few minutes. SOURCE – YOUTUBE VIDEO.


Beliefs and Bad Behaviours – Smiley Zoe thought she could get through with ease with her confident performance, she had been impersonating pink in clubs and loved to perform live, She truly believed she would get through. When are beliefs are challenged we have a change of instant emotions.

Shockingly Truthful – she truly cant believe that the judges have said no, repeatedly saying “you told me to sing a pink song.” Internally while dealing with the shock she wants to get away from the unexpected “no’s” – she literally steps backwards on stage away from the judges “no’s.” Even when the judges expalin that she sang a second song she is still struggling to deal with the mixed emotions.

Pattern Interrupt – I exspect that she had only received praise from audiences, and this no was a kind of hypnotic pattern interrupt which left in an internal state which is followed by the shows longest running judge loui telling her bluntly “you messed up”  In a few short minutes she goes from a nervous happy to instant anger and once her dad (who with father love wanted to protect his daughter) brought her back on stage to confront the judges, this was to much from Zoe and her anger burst out as she shouts abuse at the judges before punching a camera operator and wrecking stage.

How to Beat the Judges – Zoe could of gotten a better outcome? it’s hard to change the judges choices as people are committed by what they say (there original No) but as on previous series you can change there mind and get them through to the next round. The judges commented on her energy and popstar look, but they also noticed the weak performance. After the original comments, Zoe could use the agreement pattern as discussed in influencing the interview book, “I agree this performance was weak, I shouldn’t of started with a pink song as I wont to get away from that image. If you can already see I have potential, I have the confidence, the energy the looks. If you put me through to the next round I know I will be able to surprise you with my performance as compared to normal the performance I just gave was average, and I have a lot more to give..”

Now if you understand hypnotic language patterns you will be able to spot several in the above paragraph, the example above may or may not get through to the next round as the performance is king in the audition but this plea with hidden embedded command would of been Zoes best chance compared to kicking of and not being allowed back next series.

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