How Much Money is Your Life Worth?

How Much Money is Your Life Worth?

How much would one extra day alive cost?

First, what is success to you? Success comes in many different forms for many different people, for some success is owning your own business, becoming a millionaire or getting married – what does success mean to you?

Write down your answer ________________________ and then ask “why does X represent success?” as an example why will becoming a millionaire make me successful?  People want money, cars, houses etc because it will make them happy – so I would ask, is being successful being HAPPY?

I would agree having money, owning a business or having 12 cars all have their perks but possessing objects does not guarantee happiness. The good news is that happiness is a STATE and as an NLP Life Coach I can teach you how to access your positive emotions whenever you require.

How much would you pay to live one more day?

Imagine you got ill, and the doctors after several examinations agree that you only have 12 months to live. While sat in the waiting room an eccentric billionaire who overheard your bad news felt sorry for you and offers to give you one million pound to spend enjoying yourself for your last 12 months on this earth.

What would you do with one million pound before you died?

What if you lived in a magical world and you could give back the million pounds and live 1 extra day – would you? One million pound for an extra 24hrs alive?

How about if you could live an extra week? Would that be worth one million pound? How about a month or a year?

What length of life would be needed before you would give up your one million pound? _____________ Why this amount of time?

We all value different things differently, for one person living an extra day is more important then anything else as life is precious. For some having a million pound and all the holidays, new clothes and material gifts that come with having lots of money is more important then an extra day or even a week alive, as some people prefer to have a shorter life with no money worries over a longer life with little money.

Why did you choose the money on the extra days? Because the thought of this life would make you happier then the other option. Once you know what you value and what will make you happy, you can go out and get it, the secret to living life is to do what makes you happy and I would add you first need to understand what will make you happy.

If you want to find and understand what makes you happy, look out for the forth coming Online Coaching Course.

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