How to be Successful

Just One Chance

Many people come to me saying they just need one chance to be successful or I just need one chance to be a millionaire.

Day in day out this can be seen on Reality TV shows like The X Factor “This is my only chance” “This is my last chance” “I will only have this one chance

Really? Why, what are you doing tomorrow?

This idea that if they catch that one chance or that lucky break that they will be able to succeed. This can be a limiting belief as trial and error is devalued as part of the route necessary to succeed.

How Others Become Successful.

Many successful people make mistakes, get things wrong and may face their lowest ebb before they reach the height of their potential. If you only have one chance and you get it wrong, you will extinguish the flame of your dream. Successful people don’t see mistakes as a failure, but as a learning point.

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3 Case Studies for Business Success:                                                                            

Henry J. Heinz


Started working when he was 9 years old and became the founder of the famous brand “Heinz”. 

From an early age, Henry helped his mother sell vegetables from their back garden and generated new custom by knocking on neighbour’s doors to offer a selection of vegetables from his wheelbarrow. 

By the age of 17, Henry was earning £2,400 annually – a handsome salary for a worker in the early 1900’s.

In 1869, Heinz founded the Heinz Noble & Company with L.C. Noble, selling – horseradish.  After almost a century of relative success the company faced ruin and Mr Heinz declared himself bankrupt in 1975.

By learning from his mistakes Henry along with his family was able to take the company in a different direction, established under the new name of H&J Heinz.

By continuing to strive for success and being innovative in his approach Heinz was able to create Tomato Ketchup, 12 million bottles of which are sold throughout the world each year.

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Walt Disney


One of the most famous names worldwide – Disney was multi talented as a  film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon.

How did it all start? After WW1 Disney set up a Company with cartoonist friend Ubbe Iwwerks which collapsed as quickly as it had begun.

Following this in 1922 Disney gave it another shot and formed ‘Laugh-O-Gram Films’ which was also declared bankrupt before Disney had a chance to finish the company’s production of “Alice in Wonderland”.

Undeterred Disney made his way to Hollywood to find success as a film director however this also failed to work out for Disney.

Finally Disney decided to seek support from those closer to home as he asked his brother to finance the costs of setting up a studio, this became The Disney Brother Studio.

The studio grew and Disney hired more staff with the success of the production of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit’s. Disney then continued to enjoy this success as he created Steamboat Willy and the character Mickey Mouse.  Disney was finally able to realise his dream as he started to make full length animated films.


Tom Cruise


Tom grew up in a poor family, the family constantly travelled as Tom’s dad chased employment across the USA. Tom has Dyslexia and due to travelling with his family never spent much time in school.

When attending school Tom would be placed in remedial classes and was not an academic success.

Tom found that he was good at athletics and started to compete in many sports, but a knee injury quickly put an end to any dreams of becoming a professional athlete.

Raised in religious family Tom considered priesthood, after a year in a Franciscan Monastery Tom felt priesthood was not for him and that he should continue to search for what was right for him.

Tom’s mother encouraged and supported Tom to pursue a career in acting, with Tom’s passion and drive a successful acting career quickly followed as he has reached worldwide recognition and notoriety for his acting abilities and achievements.

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