How to Become a Life Coach in 2013

How to Become a Life Coach in 2013


As a Manchester based life coach I know the excitement you feel from getting paid for helping others. I also know how scary setting up a new business can be, which is why I want to share this advice and support with you. at the bottom of the article you will also have the chance to set up your coaching business within 24hrs – crazy I know, but totally possible.

What Should I Do

The life coach career sector is becoming highly popular with people from all backgrounds wanting to work in the supportive sector helping others achieve all their goals and ambitions. As a life coach you have job flexibility, you can set your own rate per hour and you are seen as a professional .

Competition for clients is hard (you need to learn how to dominate Google), so my advice as a professional life and career coach is to start small (apart time while you’re working) and build your business up while specialising in a niche.  Once your life coaching business increases you can then choose whether or not to give up your full time job?

Job Overview

As a life coach you will offer face to face, telephone and sometimes e-mail coaching sessions to help people overcome their personal and career barriers while achieving their goals. People use life coaches to move through difficult times in their life or to achieve a big goal such as a business deal or winning an athletic event.

Session may include goal setting, overcoming personal issues, time management, stress, career advice, making the correct choice, motivation and gaining a life/work balance.

How Much Will I Make As A Life Coach?

A life coach can charge whatever they want per hourly session. A common session will cost between £50-£80 but with some coaches often published or world renowned coaches charging up to £300-£1000 per session – work that out 5 clients a day at £500 = £2500

The more experience you become as a life coach the more you can charge, because you will be sold by word of mouth from your past successful clients. Once you become an expert coach you will be able to charge any rate. One way to gain expertise in this industry is through delivering seminars, writing books and articles’ and by specialising in a niche

Entry Route

Surprisingly, you don’t need to be qualified to become a life coach. There are many courses you can take, but a life coach is all about having people and questioning skills. You need to be able to challenge, motivate and inspire your coaching client. While breaking down limiting beliefs and instilling new ways if operating. Anyone can called themselves a life coach but to be successful you need to know how to market your business and you need to be confident at delivering the various coaching sessions.


You will first need to set up a business website; give away free gifts, add interesting articles and add a pay scheme so clients can book your services. You will need a venue to work from unless you deliver telephone sessions. And it is important to have insurance which only cost around £50 a year

Skills Required


Remember you don’t need to be qualified to become a life coach, all you need is the confidence to deliver sessions, people skills and the knowledge to question, challenge, build rapport and set goals to help your clients be successful.

You need to be a good listener, as you improve your listening skills you will learn to extract words that will teach you what motivates your clients. Communication skills are key in this industry as you need to know how to build rapport and how to question your client to help them achieve their goals.

Being able to see problems and solutions clearly, being able to offer positive, realistic advice and set smart goals. But one of the main understated skill a life coach requires is the ability to market and network themselves, you may have all the life coaching skills required but if you can’t market yourself you will never be a successful life coach.

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