Life Coaching Jobs in Manchester

Life Coaching Jobs in Manchester


Life Coaching is a growing career sector with an increase in both paid and self employed positions. In Manchester alone I have seen an increase in advertised coaching jobs over the past twelve months (2012-2013)

life coaching job in manchester

Do You Want To Become A Life Coach?

To become a paid life coach you will need to evidence that you have the required skills and knowledge required on the job specification. Life coach jobs are not as common as positions in other job sectors, but as the government fund more wellbeing opportunities life coaching jobs are on the increase. A good way to get into these positions is to either become a part time life coach or volunteer your coaching skills, this way you can evidence your coaching experience, and produce excellent coaching references.

You may want to work as a self employed life coach either full time or as a side line business allowing you to gain a salary from your current job role. As a life coach you can specialise in a variety of niches from a wellbeing coach, careers coach, confidence coach, business coach or success coach. The list is endless. As a niche coach you can target your website and marketing materials to that particular niche giving you advantages over other ‘general’ coaches.

To become self employed is very easy and as a coach who can work from home, as many coaches do, there are little overheads. The key here is to have a great understanding of all the available coaching techniques that will support your clients.

Set Up A Life Coaching Business

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