Managers – Do you have an unmotivated team?


As a manager you already know that your staff are your greatest asset, a good team can transform a business from stable to highly profitable by accessing your teams individual strengths and skills.

  • The employee appraisals should be a place to talk about the employee’s individual skills and talents by asking them what they can offer to the team and what type of activity would keep them interested and motivated.


A manager needs to possess the ability to motivate their staff, as a motivated team will produce amazing results which in turn adds to the companies profits.

  • Often motivated employees will work harder and will often start early and work later when needed without being asked; having the attitude “we (as a team) need to meet the deadline”


Many companies fail due to having an unmotivated team and bad mangers will often say “if they don’t like it they can leave” I agree sometimes an individual will not fit in with the company ethos and goals and I would add this is more to do with your recruitment policy rather then your motivational skills.

If you constantly hear lines such as “if they don’t like it they can leave” from a manager, it means your manager is lacking in motivational skills and uses these lines a defence mechanism.

Remember a high turn over in staff or an unmotivated team cost companies billions each year in profits. This small article will explain how to recognise when your team is unmotivated and some quick tip’ on motivating your team.

How do you know when you have an unmotivated team?

  • An increase in sick days
  • Team members that were good time keepers being regularly late
  • Lack of communication from employee and lack of questions about a suggestion from an employee


Your team can quickly go from motivated to unmotivated by not gaining recognition from their work, not being listened to, a lack of encouragement and a lack of training. Unmotivated employees often feedback that they are given too much work (often by just regularly checking with the employee about their workload will change the belief that they have to much work) and are often criticised without being given any solutions to the problem.

How to motivate your team?

  • Set SMART goals and review these with the employee
  • Having a visually good and relaxing atmosphere workplace, free from hazards
  • Giving employees respect and allowing them to voice their own opinions
  • Constant communication, get your employees involved in decision-making, checking an employees workload and keep them informed of the business plan and direction
  • Use an external life coach, so employees feel they have someone to can talk to about their individual needs and development (this should not replace employee appraisals)
  • Set challenges and show employees that they can grow within the company – through training and promotions


Once you know how to, motivating a team is easy and can make a managers job so much easier, two quick ways to find out what motivates your team is to ask yourself “what would motivate me?” and ask your employees “what motivates you?”

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