Skype Life Coaching

Skype Life Coaching


Employment Offer Skype Life Coaching, which menas you can have access to our highly qualified and experienced Life Coaches from your own home no matter where you live in the world.

Do you have a fear or phobia that is holding you back? A goal that you can’t achieve? Do you want to feel more confident when delivering presentations, making a speech or asking out the opposite sex? Is the pressure of your career, your relationship or they way you are currently living your life making you stressed or anxious?

If so than a Life Coach can help you make the desired changes happen quicker than you can believe, using a mixture of NLP, Psychology and Coaching techniques. Past clients have used a life coach to be success in:


  • Reducing stress and anxiousness
  • Becoming more confident and motivated
  • Phobia removal
  • Weight loss, dieting and improving health
  • Goal setting, action planning and becoming successful

Personal Development

  • Realise your potential and Increasing your self-awareness
  • Gaining a good work/life balance, overcome barriers and setbacks
  • Recognise what makes you happy, learning to do more of the things you like and less of the things that make you stressed
  • Goal setting and help you understand how you can achieve them
  • Become more motivated and experience higher levels of self esteem



  • Improve your relationship with others; friends, family, colleagues and managers
  • Understand how you communicate with yourself and know yourself better
  • Learn how to gain instant rapport with others
  • Realise how your own values, attitude and beliefs, shape your life
  • Understand other people’s perspectives and how it is to see the world through another’s eyes


Fears and Confidence

  • Illuminate your fears and phobias; spiders, heights and new experiences
  • Increase your confidence and gain new motivation
  • Gain the confidence to deliver presentations, speeches or to give your opinion
  • Delete your negative self talk that is limiting you
  • Access positive emotions and eliminate old setbacks that still stop you from moving forward.

Online Coaching Course £59.99

Click This Link NOW for more details. The online coaching course is a 12 week course for confidence and motivation with over 36 sessions including videos, e-books and audios.

Skype Life Coaching Session £49.99

E-mail with a brief outline of your query and times when you would be available to talk. One of our life coaches will book you a life coaching session lasting around 90 minutes.


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