Social Confidence Building

Social Confidence Building

Are you that person, who at a party sits in the corner hoping not to get noticed? When you met someone you like do you hope someone else will talk to them so you don’t have to? At team meetings when the manager ask “who else has an idea?” do you silently prey that he doesn’t look at you?

Social confidence can effect your relationships, your career and your life. If you want to learn to be more confident in any situation so you can truly live your life to the full follow these quick confidence building tips.

Pain and Pleasure

All decisions are made with Pain and Pleasure, we make a choice to either get away from pain or to gain pleasure. If you can learn to control your pain and pleasure emtions you can make better chocies.

Lets take one example – The Party! So, you’ve been invited to a party, your a bit shy, lack confidence and have an abundance of low self esteem. As your sat in the corner waiting for the party to end, so you can go home, you notice an attractive person walking towards you.

What is going through your mind? In situations like this, we will think about the pain and pleasure of the possible outcome. As an example you may think PAIN the attractuve person will want to talk, I will have nothing to say, it will be awkard and Iwill feel stupid. Anyone thinking this will start to feel bad emtions, making them want to run away.

You will also seek PLEASURE; if I quickly head off to the toilet I will get away and won’t have to feel stupid, in the toileyt I will relax and feel good about not be embaressed.

To imporve your confidence you need to flip the pain and pleasure motivation. First think about the PAIN of not talking to this attractive person; this could be my one true love, we might have laod in common but if I don’t speak I will never know. If this is my one true love s/he might talk to someone else and they might go on a date and I will miss out.

Add some PLEASURE; Think about how good it would be to talk to this person, imagine yourself getting alone and flurting, see yoursefl asking her/him out and them saying “yes” how would this make you feel…good?

We are all motivated by Pain and Pleasure, to become more motivated using Pain and Pleasure to get your desired outcome and to learn more about pain and pleasure downlaod the Online Coaching Course by Employment King.

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