Successful Women

Successful Women – why are some people successful, but others are not? Can You Be More Successful?


I always feel inspired by successful people in all disciplines from sports to movie stars, from great scientist to successful business people, especially those people who came from nothing and motivated themselves to be their best.


We have heard of many successful men who came from nothing, which is why this article highlights 3 highly successful and powerful women, who made it through their own determination.


My research highlighted two key similarities that all successful people posses;


  1. All successful people have a vision or goal, but unlike others, successful people truly believe they will achieve their goal and when they visualize this goal they can see their outcome from the eyes of their future successful self. What does this mean? By being associated to their outcome (seeing their outcome from their future successful self) they feel as they have already achieved their goal and use this feeling to continue to feel motivated compared to many others who look at their goals as if they are watching themselves on TV (being disassociated from the feeling of success)
  2. When successful people make mistakes, they don’t give up as they see any mistakes as an opportunity to learn and improve which means the more mistakes they make the better they will become. It is this self belief that motivates successful people in times of potential negativity where other people would just give up.


Oprah Winfrey a famous talk show host, actress, producer and businesswomen was born into poverty in mississippi to a signal mother.

Lacking self confidence through an abusive childhood, the young Oprah turned to drugs and ran away from home to help overcome her childhood drama. Later her mother made Oprah move in with her strict father who made Oprah return to school.

While in school Oprah won a speaking contest and two beauty pageants which inspired Oprah to become a talk show host.


After working in the media for several years Oprah audition for a talk show job, the nervous Oprah auditioned believing that an overweight black women applying for a talk show host job in America would be laughed out of the audition. To her surprised the producers seen “something” in
Oprah and she was offered the job.


With her determination to be successful, she took the talk show to new heights and after a couple of successful series the show was renamed the Oprah Winfrey show and the rest is history.


J.K. Rowling found her passion of story telling at an early age and would spend hours telling stories to her baby sister. J.K Rowling started writing at the age of 6 and by the time she was in high school she wanted to take writing seriously. It was during this
time that her mother became ill with multiple sclerosis.


In 1990 while flat hunting in Manchester JK had the idea for “Harry Potter” later saying the idea “just fell into her head.” While writing Philosophers Stone JK’s mother died at the age of 45.


For 3 years JK moved and lived in Portugal where she worked as a Teacher while continuing to write the first Harry Potter book. While living in Portugal JK was married and became pregnant with her daughter Jesscia. In the same year JK then return to the UK with a completed manuscript.


While bring up her daughter signal handed (as JK and her husband had split up) JK continued to edit and type up the book working between baby feeding times and working late into the night, this shown JK’s commitment and determination as many other people would of gave up due to the amount of work bringing up a daughter and writing a book entails.


JK sent her completed manuscript to several agents and one finally asked to meet her. It took another 12 months and lots of “no’s” from publishers before “Bloomsbury” made an offer to publisher her book and we all know what happen next.



Norma Jean Baker “Marilyn Monroe” the most famous female actress in the world was in 1944, told by a modelling agency “You’d better learn secretarial work or else get married.”


Born in 1926, Normas father abandoned the family and Norma grew up not knowing who her father was. Norma and her mum who had a mental illness lived mainly in poverty and Norma spent much of her life living in foster homes due to her mum being in and out of mental hospitals.


At the age of 16, Norma married a 21-year-old aircraft plant worker James Dougherty, the marriage would only last for 4 years.


In 1942 she had started to model swimsuits and had bleached her hair blond. It was later on after being told to “get married or become a secretary”, which she ignored, that these modelling pictures caught the eye of RKO Pictures who offered Norma a screen test, later Norma
would sign contract with 20th Century Fox.


Norma changed her name to Marilyn and went on to become the world’s biggest female actress of all time.

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