The Difference Between a Life Coach and a Counsellor

The Difference Between a Life Coach and a Counsellor 


There are many varied therapist that people can access and as a potential client you need to look at what type of therapy best suits you. Life coaching and counselling are two very popular options; generally counselling will look into a person’s past, with the view to deal with the individual’s emotional pain or conflict, often discussing past events. A life coach on the other hand will focus on the persons present and future, helping them to set and achieve goals with a focus on setting new strategies to live by and by taking immediate action.

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Let’s imagine you wanted to learn how to cook, but something was holding you back. The counsellor would discuss with you what it is that is holding you back from cooking. The counsellor will look at past events, may be you had a trauma when you previous cooked in the kitchen.


The coach in this situation, would help you set goals and will look at the outcome “if you could cook in the kitchen, what would change in your life?” the coach would encourage, motivate and support you. They would plan the different steps required to give you the skills and personal resources to happily enter the kitchen and create amazing dishes, this can include using NLP techniques to change the way you emotionally feel about a certain activity or event.


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