The Home Coach

The Home Coach


Coaches don’t always have to have an office. These days many coaches are working online from home. Two great ways to coach people without having to leave your house is either through telephone coaching or Skype coaching.

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The session outline is the same as delivering face to face coaching sessions. Some telephone coaches become adapt are reading voice tones, as a face to face coach is skilled at reading body language and hand signals.

A key benefit from home coaching is the low overhead cost compared to a coach that runs their business from a hired room. Some clients prefer this style of coaching from face to face coaching, as it fits in with their busy lifestyle.

Skype coaching has the benefit of video, which means as with face to face coaching you can see your client.  Some coaches believe that face to face coaching is the only way to coach, but as all good coaches will agree the best way to coach a client is the way that will get the best results for that particular client.

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