Top 7 Reasons To Become a Life Coach

Top 7 Reasons To Become a Life Coach

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Reason 1

You get paid for helping other people be successful. This is a really rewarding career as you see your clients journey from the initial session all the way through to the last, where the client will often have changed in terms of confidence, self esteem and motivation.

Reason 2

A life coach can charge what hourly rate suits them (often between £50-£300 per hour) you choose your own hours to create your own life/work balance, you are your own boss and you can even work from home. Many coaches deliver face to face, telephone, Skype and e-mail sessions.

Reason 3

You will learn many skills as a coach from rapport building, influencing skills, communication, motivation…the list is endless. A good starting point is to learn coaching techniques, at the end of this article you will have a chance to download 101 coaching techniques

Reason 4

You don’t even require a qualfication. There are no regulations in the coaching sector, if you have the personal skills required, know the coaching techniques and are able manage your own time and business then a coaching business is easy to set up.

Reason 5

Coaches can make a lot of money. Many coaches as well as coaching people make money by selling e-products, becoming an affiliate, delivering workshops and publishing books.

Reason 6

As a coach you wall meet some intersting peopel, including clients and through networking. If you are interested in people then coaching is an excellent career choice.

Reason 7

A coaching business can be established within 24 hrs, that’s right, with the right tools and advice you can be up and running by this time tomorrow. And if you know the secrets to internet marketing, which I will share with you below your website can me on Google page One within 60 minutes.

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